Joo Hing @ Joo Chiat Road

Posted on October 8, 2010


Price Meter : $$$ out of $$$$$

 Worth Meter : √√√ out of √√√√√

Happiness Meter : ☺☺☺☺ out of ☺☺☺☺☺

What’s great : Fresh seafood, tasty dishes.

Joo Hing or rather, Joo Heng restaurant, has been serving home-styled tze char for over 50years. The restaurant started off in Albert street as a roadside stall ~ 17 years ago, moved to Joo Chiat road and settled down. The current refurbished restaurant occupies 2 shophouses, one retaining the old kopitiam concept while the other was renovated to have a more modernised design ~ both air-conditioned.

Joo Hing remains as one of the regular restaurants patronised by my family, we can’t help going back for more. Therefore this time round, I brought my friends over.

Dishes ordered today : Tofu with prawns, stir-fried sambal sweet potato leaves, steamed baby sotongs (squids), braised brinjal and prawn paste chicken.

Featured picture : Tofu with prawns. Fried tofu pieces stir-fried with fat, succulent prawns. Drizzle the savoury, egg white infused sauce on your rice ~ speechless. The main focus was the tofu, but I just couldn’t take my eyes off the large prawns, yumyum.

Steamed baby sotongs. Unlike other almost tasteless steamed sotongs, this dish was flavourful ~ thanks to the condiments used. Every little squid squirts in your mouth when your teeth tear through its chewy exterior, no one could stop at just one.

Health conscious like all singaporeans, we ordered 2 different kinds of vegetables ~ sambal sweet potato leaves and braised brinjal. Spicy like it should be, the plate of  sweet potato leaves was shiok ~ the stems were still slightly crunchy and every leave was almost, entirely covered with the sambal paste. Having removed the ” I cannot possibly swallow because it’s purple.” skin, my friends who disliked this vegetable, tried. I like my brinjal cooked in a claypot with minced meat ~ so this braised brinjal was new to me. Every single piece was firm when bitten and the sauce, unsurprisingly so-so.

prawn paste chicken, crispy on the outside and lovely on the inside. Even though so, I feel the chicken pieces were not marinated long enough ~ you can do better than this.

Possibility of 2nd visit? : our consistent patronisation will not stop.

Address: 360 Joo Chiat Road Singapore

Tel: +65 6345 1503

Opened Daily: 11am–2pm, 5pm–10pm
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