Artisan Gelato @ CoccoGelo [CLOSED]

Posted on January 6, 2011


Price meter: $ out of $$$$$

Worth Meter : √√√√√ out of √√√√√

Happiness Meter : ☺☺☺☺☺ out of ☺☺☺☺☺

What’s great? :  The exotic and mind-boggling flavours experimented and created by the most adventurous chef. Think curry, blue cheese and red bull flavours. Woo~

Must tries : *Pistachio*, Peanut Butter Chocolate chip (STA-subject to availability), Crunchy pop *NEW* (STA), Blue Cheese Honey (not for the faint-hearted).

Situated in the heart of the East Coast-Katong-Joo Chiat vicinity, where many new and old eatery businesses are housed, is the immaculate and inviting CoccoGelo.

Cozy and nicely air-conditioned, this newly launched Artisan Gelato parlour is the best place to hide from the blazing sun. Nahh, not the air-conditioned environment, because of the GELATO!

Made daily with the freshest ingredients they can lay their hands on, and all thanks to the lesser air and butter fat used, the result.. dense, smooth perception on the palate. 

Piccolo (single scoop) = $3.80, Medio (double scoop) = $4.80, Grande (triple scoop) = $6.80

Can’t get enough, 500cc and 1000cc available for takeaways.

First up on the list, Peanut butter chocolate chips. Every bite is masked with the sweet aromatic peanut butter, crisped bitter-sweet chocolate chips that melts at the back of your tongue and unruly crushed peanuts. Marvellous.

Next, Crunchy pop (the other cup at the back of the above picture). This is the latest addition to the Gelato team, and one of the best I had. Imagine this, slightly chocolate-fied vanilla base gelato folded with chocolate chips, bits of forever crunchy cornflakes and of course, Cocoa pop. Two thumbs up, maybe even with my two big fat toes.

Possibility of 2nd visit : no doubts about that.

Address: 89 East Coast Road, Singapore

Tel: +65 6345 3646

Opening Hours


12pm – 9pm


12pm – 10.30pm


12pm – 8pm
(Closed on Mon)