The Macaron Battle, begins. Part 1

Posted on January 29, 2011



Dogging a recent Macaron craze, I visited several renowned pâtisseries in Orchard on a unfruitful CNY shopping day.

After having my first ever Macaron, made by my colleague’s daughter, I got hooked. Since then, it was questing every confectionery for this French delicacy.

Due to time-constrain that day, I could only HGW (hungry-go-where) a few bakeries in Orchard that sell Macarons and since my buddy & I were dawdling around Far East Plaza, we decided to settle in on these.

Gourmet Carousel (Halal)
Pistachio (pastel green) + Caramel & Sesame (Grey)

  • $2.40+/pc
  • $11.50+/5pcs
  • $26.00+/12pcs

Where else to start with, other than Carousel. Just a stone throw away from Far East Plaza, or rather an overhead-bridge, this buffet specialist who promises a globe spinning Halal spread also has an confection accomplice – Gourmet Carousel.

It wasn’t easy picking out only two from the array of choices. (I strictly prohibited my friend from getting additional ones, as we were going for a few more from other bakeries, thus limiting to 2 macarons per shop.) Finally, we complied on this couple, the pistachio and black sesame.

What a toothsome, those two were. Like all macarons, they were sweet and had crumbly biscuits. We had to take baby bites, but nonetheless, they were tasty. Not the best though.

Canelé Pâtisserie Chocolaterie
Violet (Lavender, Pastel Purple) + Rose (Pastel Pink)

  • $2.50nett/pc
  • $11.50nett/5pcs

Excited like little kids, both my friend and I went on with our mini excursion. Up next, Canelé. Whoopie.

Since picking up several valuable feedbacks, I knew I couldn’t miss it. What could go wrong with tiny macarons as samples? Yes, you heard me right, this Canelé outlet provides miniature copies of the dessert for taste-test, not so sure about the rest.

We got rather sheepish after popping thirds, and enjoying what she ate, my friend got half a dozen. Me? I bought the initial agreement of two.

I could say that those were, the best I had. Coloured in pretty pastel colours, the shells were crisp but hollow, and the thick/creamy ganache fillings were indeed delightful. They kinda taste like what my colleague’s daughter made. nice.

TWG Tea salon & Boutique
Napoleon tea (a type of black tea), Tahitian vanilla and caramel dices (Black)

+ Earl Grey Fortune with chocolate gauche (brown)

  • $2nett/pc

 Made out of different types of teas, like it should be, TWG’s macarons were, erm – passable.

The infused flavour of teas were interesting, but that was all. The shells were far too chewy for my liking, and the ganache centres were too sweet and strong in taste thus masking the actual aroma of the teas. It would go well if I had a pot of tea with me.

Final verdict, Canelé‘s probably the best out of the three, for the time being at least.

However, I am not the best judge since I have yet to try Pierre Hermé‘s. Appreciated by macaron lovers world-wide, it is a real let-down as we aren’t able to taste them in Singapore.

Well, I guess I would have to put up with the next best in line then.

Gourmet Carousel

Address: 25 Scotts Road GF Royal Plaza on Scotts Singapore

Tel: +65 6589 7799

Daily: 6.30am–10.30am, 12pm–2pm, 3.30pm–5.30pm, 6.30pm–10.30pm

Canelé Pâtisserie Chocolaterie

Address : 1 Scotts Road #01-01A Shaw Centre Singapore

Tel: +65 6738 9020

Sun–Thu: 11am – 11pm
Fri–Sat: 11am – 1.00am

TWG Tea salon & Boutique

Address: 2 Orchard Turn #02-21 ION Orchard Singapore

Tel: +65 6735 1837

Daily: 10am – 9.30pm

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