Hurray for World Nutella Day

Posted on February 6, 2011


This year marks the 5th Annual WORLD NUTELLA DAY, 5th Feb 2011.

What is Nutella? It is not only a hazelnut-chocolate breakfast spread, it is a way of life. My life.

You do remember spreading the chocolatey spread on toast, don’t you? How about, licking the butter knife or spoon after the spreading? Don’t deny. I did. And I am pretty sure that some would even eat it straight from the bottle. I did that too. Nothing to be embarrassed about, that’s my way to enjoy my Nutella.

Never ever chill Nutella in the fridge, unless you want chunky nutella nougats on your toast. Keep the bottle in room temperature for that consistent creamy texture every single time. Yums.

As a kid, I remember buying these single-serving packs from our school’s tuckshop or the local Ma-Ma shop. Scooping the dense, creamy spread with the plastic spatula provided, sending spoonfuls into the mouth and scraping the last bits were memories. How nostalgic.

Come to think of it, I don’t see any being sold, nowadays. Let me know if I am wrong.

Here’s the new Nutella snack & drink, that was created some two years ago by Ferrero, Italy. It comprises of several bread sticks, the beloved Nutella spread and ice-lemon/peach tea. A great tea-time snack that is, unfortunately, still unavailable in Singapore. Won’t it be great if someone would ship them in one day, maybe me?
Alright, it may seem weird that I am blogging this as World Nutella Day is on the 5th Feb, which was yesterday for us. But no, it is actually happening now, in Italy – still 5th Feb 2011.

So Happy World Nutella Day, everyone.

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