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Posted on March 28, 2011


To a blue-collar worker like myself, fine-dining is an unrealistic desire. So, when I chanced upon a worthy deal by Forlino on, I was ecstatic. Paying $26.80nett instead of $38++ for a 3-course, Executive lunch set, was a steal. For your reference, here is their MENU.

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Sleep-deprived the day before, the spirited and spruced up me left home heading for the highly anticipated lunch on a charming sunday noon. Oh, and I picked up an equally enthusiastic friend along the way, to join me.

Forlino, with its whimsical,immaculate setting, impeccable service and picturesque 180 degrees view of the city, mesmerised us both.

We were greeted promptly by the crews and then escorted to our table. As we sat down and got really comfortable, a servitor came forward and apprised the individual courses to us.

He was so versed in with the ingredients of every dish, that the two inexperienced girls could only smile politely as he recited all that were aliens to them. A choice of each appetiser and main course were made.

The unfamiliar Apertura, made of beetroots were served. The modest portions were dished up not to satiate but as starters for empty tummies. Each spoonful was savoured carefully and it tasted like mashed raw corns. No joke. I liked it though, finished every scrap, even the garnishes.

Lentil soup. My companion for the day fancied this liquid dish while I had to settle with the remaining. This full-bodied broth was obliging, unlike any others I tried. Even so, I would prefer Pumpkin soup, which had substituted the initial recipe for the later crowd.

The fickle-minded girlfriend eventually ditched her regretted decision for mine. Russian salad. Mediocre, nothing to it as I am sure anyone could whip this up with a convenient condiment from the supermarket.

The revised recipe of the Tagliatelle with Goose liver and Duck rugout, without the goose liver of course, was given as one of the entrée choices. Since there were only two options, juggling was not necessary, one of each did just fine. Noodles for me and bass for the buddy.

Every single strip of pasta and bit of meat were cooked to perfection. I don’t have to be precise with the explanations, you picture the rest. I truly appreciated the efforts put in by the proficient chefs, who made even the last morsel, satisfying.

The sea bass was merely pan-fried till the skin was crisp and meat, cooked. Nothing distinctive to remember.

We were amazed instead, by the mock risotto that could easily deceive any amateur. It was actually, Barley. Indeed impressed at how the readily available substitution, could be prepared in such peculiar manner. I had personally wished the serving was more substantial since no carbs would pose any threat to my already expanding waistline, however…

Here are some important facts about barley.

  • a Low GI carb
  • lowers cholesterols
  • high in fiber
  • additional benefit, a risotto replacement.

Read about the goodness of barley here.

Most females retain room in the stomach for desserts, even on a buffet day. This was no exception. We took ages to finally compromise on this, Molten Lava chocolate cake with banana gelato.

Digging into the confection, which liquefied chocolate flowed out from the centre, we silently shrieked with joy. Elation ended instantly. Staring at one another after popping our foremost bites, we moaned and grumbled.

Nowhere near being worthy of the 21bucks we had to pay, we left the restaurant partially discontented.

Address: 1 Fullerton Road, #02-06 One Fullerton, Singapore

Tel: +65 6877 6995

Opening Hours

Mon–Sun: 12pm–2.30pm, 6.30pm–10pm

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