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Posted on April 16, 2011


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Eyes back here, if you would please. It is rude to ogle, unless you are admiring the handsome twin Mascots of myVillage @ Serangoon Gardens. How adorable~

MyVillage is now standing on the site where the Paramount building/the succeeding Serangoon Gardens village once occupy. It is currently housing multiple prominent dining joints and also finite numbers of retail outlets.

An invitation to a bloggers’ food-tasting event, was sent from a supportive pal to the dubious me. Conscious-stricken, I confess. I wasn’t aware of the mall till the day of the event, lost my way too.

translated – ‘God of Wealth’. Lottery winning noodles? You wish.

As several influential bloggers started showing up one by one, the scanty gathering ground was soon packed. NadNut, CherieLee, CelebrateLah, 365days2play, travelerfolio, Jerome and CalvinTimo. Anyone of them ring a bell? I am sure AiMakan will, blush~.

This Japanese ramen guru made it possible for customers to try multiple varieties of the doughy strips (curly; straight and one made of tapioca flour!?), in numerous tasty soup bases (shio; shoyu; miso).

Tapioca flour noodles/Stamina Ramen ($14) anyone? Rich in calories, a bowl of this ramen consists of all the energy you need for the entire day. Fortunately, we were only given a tiny portion, a dip bowl, to sample on. Every strand was smooth and chewy, fascinating texture. The broth was savoury sweet, with a tinge of fragrant garlic.

Nitamago or flavoured egg has always been a primary reason for visiting any ramen restaurants. To me, the egg indicates how successful that particular eatery would be, or rather whether I would patronise again.

I have got to admit, Daikokuya’s nitamago ($2/pc) is one of the best I had. The yolk is creamy and indeed flavourful. The quarters that were presented to us, was enough to leave an impression in me.

Cravings for THE tamago soon crept up and next moment, I was back at Daikokuya ordering my lunch. FYI, the photographs of the sides above were not dished out during the event, I paid for it.

Bakerzin, Artisan bread.
Right across the entrance of Daikokuya, is this new concept store. Several extra twists are included in this outlet but you can still purchase the standard items the others are offering.

The additional variations are namingly, a franchised UK brand – Mrs Bridges’ traditional fruit jams; artisanal breads and pastries; assorted cheeses and an open-concept kitchen – all equipped with engaging bakers within.

We were served some sliced bread, butter and Mrs Bridges’ strawberry jam. I adored the fruity curd, it paired well with the butter however, we secretly wished the bread pieces were warmed up.

Gastronomia Da Paolo.
Extended from its leading diner in Tanjong pagar, the Italian brand has stood proudly for the past two decades with more than ten enterprises under its name, in this little island of ours.

This bistro in MyVillage, is the latest inclusion to the refined body.

A speedy lunch on a working day, or maybe a relaxed brunch on a carefree weekend? Whichever meal it may be, Gastronomia Da Paolo is the place to be.

Obliged to an impromptu picnic or dinner, and feeling lost not knowing what to do? Do not fret. Make a spread like a professional with help of pre-packed from Da Paolo.

Chicken and Capsicums ($6.50). Salmon Pesto ($6.50). Vegetables ($6.50). Salami ($7).

Sad to say, the ecstatic me was eyeing on the Tiramisu the whole time and had totally forgotten about having the pizzas. My bad.

Burrowing into the dense layers and scooping out a spoonful of the highly anticipated coffee infused treat, I found myself snapping away rather than putting the temptation into my mouth.

My undesirable second nature, capturing every crap of food before eating. I should thank each and every one who had tolerated this for the past handful of months, I love you all. xoxo.

The Tiramisu was nifty. I could imagine myself licking the container for remnants, if it wasn’t for that bloggers’ event.

Meet this Milanese beauty who is also the Manager of the Da Paolo group, Martina. I see you male readers drooling, behave yourselves please.

A quick lesson from Martina and Darren from celebratelah, on how to show that food is delicious in Italy.

1) stick out your index finger.
2) point your index finger at your face, where a dimple would normally be.
3) twist your finger slightly, while still situating it near your ‘dimple’.

Old Hong Kong Restaurant.

I am going to expose a secret of mine, lean over as I need to whisper. ‘My beau, Canon S95 fell out with me right after Da Paolo.’ OOB – out of battery. Bah~

You peeps are one lucky lot. A couple of months back, I had lunch in another wing under the Old Hong Kong group in Square 2, Novena.

I ordered a kindred dish to what we had during the event. Deep-Fried Prawns with Durian Paste ($18 for 4 pieces).

Dressed in a dainty yellow but selectively aromatic outer covering, the whopping prawn was fried to perfection. Crisp yet mellow, the burst of flavours swarming in the mouth was indescribably, quirky. It is a, either you love it or you hate it – kind of food.

The dried longan tea was superb, relished every drop.

By the way, that’s Calvin from CalvinTimo on the left ~ enjoying your time eh, dude.

Chinta Manis Peranakan Patisserie.

China Manis means Sweet Love. Aw~ Recollecting the name is a cinch; piece of cake.

To me, an uncomplicated label is a good start to a successful business, do not stop there – subsequently it all depends on something else. You know what I mean.

Chocolate ecstasy cake.
Ingredients – Varlhorna dark chocolate 55% noir, low fat chocolate ganache, low fat chocolate whipped cream, chocolate sponge layers.
Side Effects – causes excitement when consumed.
Dosage – to be taken in moderation.

The tiny helpings distributed during the taste-testing, had enough chocolate to increase my endorphins on a crappy day.

Bought the cake for my friend on her birthday, I just had to try it again. The substantial amount of chocolate was so ‘GerLak’ that 5 of us only managed to consume half of the 6″ ($23.80) after a 7-course dinner. Nonetheless, super shiok~

Rest & Relax on the rooftop garden, after that satiated meal. Standing on possibly the highest building in the Serangoon Gardens neighborhood, gaze across the patent surroundings and enjoy the breeze.

It would be even better if it is spacious enough for kite-flying, ah my own wishful thinkings~
Writing and editing this post for past 3 weeks has been really agonizing. Writer’s blocks, time constrains, work stresses – yet I’m thrilled to say this is completed, finally.

This entry cost me a couple of trips down for some personal experiences, more photographs and as always, the food.

Do drop by MyVillage too, if you would and love it the way I did.

1 Maju Avenue (Serangoon Gardens, near Chomp Chomp)
Singapore 556679

Opening Hours
Concierge: 10 am to 10 pm, Located at myTerrace, Level 2
myGarden: 10 am to 10 pm
Carpark: 24 Hours

Take Bus 73, 136, 315 or 317

Enter via Portchester Avenue for easier access to our carpark.
Check out for more Carpark details.

Shuttle Service
The Ang Mo Kio Industrial Park 2 and 3 Routes run from 11 am to 2.30 pm
If you want to drop by a little later, hop on the bus at Yio Chu Kang MRT Station from 3.30 to 6 pm.