Arteastiq @ Mandarin Gallery

Posted on June 9, 2011


An extented development to the swanky European furniture store; Marxx, Arteastiq Tea Lounge was an idea implanted to allow patrons a place to rest while considering on their purchases. Thoughtful yet a great concept to expand their existing businesses and assets, they are serious about bringing in big bucks, aren’t they? Salute.

It is a serenely quiet location, tucked away from the usual pig out mob. The intentional easy-to-prepare ‘teasers’ menu suggested a nimble treat for an insatiated lunch or hi-tea, or else it would be cooking your signature instant noodles in the middle of the night.

Why the intention to keep the recipes incomplex you may ask; to keep the contemporary furnitures stench-free, of course. It takes a great deal to keep everything in place, from the layout to each individual setting. Deep down, I did stealthy preferred not  blogging this place out, but well; a good eatery is worthy of a food-ardent crowd. Count yourself lucky, readers. Laughs.

If you prefer a less body-bending position while having your meal, this deliberately disorganised little sector; equipped with its designer mismatches, would serve you just nicely.

Though vexed by the vast range of teas we had to adopt on, the bullheaded quadruplet clique refused to settle with the more conservative choices; like earl grey or jasmine. We ended up with a gentle french rose; indistinctly fragnant pomelo; a lady-pleaser lychee and a slight tangy ginger spice ($11), which would all greatly compliment a mellow dessert.

Picking up my teacup with poise; yes p-o-i-s-e | poise, my teeny pinky unwittedly raised up and there you have it, me enjoying the long-awaited tai-tai lifestyle. Sheer happiness.

If you do not resent the considerably aching posture like we did, the puny annular tables would look something like this. For two.

The set menu includes a portion of the main ‘teasers’, a teacupful of daily soup (tomato; onion, etc) and one measly helping of greens. Despite the somewhat scanty servings, my normally gluttonous companions informed their satiation. Unbelievable.

Tuscan Crispy Brioche Panini Chicken.
Smoked chicken coalesced with nutmeg infused cream cheese; sandwiched between two-halved toasted Brioche bread. Panini-style.

Tuscan Crispy Brioche Panini Turkey. (Least Favourite)
Smoked turkey ham complimented with Brie cheese and cranberry sauce; sandwiched between two-halved toasted Brioche bread. Panini-style.

we also ordered;

Viva La Fiesta Tortilla Duck Breast.
Smoked duck breast drizzled with plum sauce and paired with spring onions, chillies and koo chye; wrapped in tortillas.


Viva La Fiesta Quesadilla. (recommended)
Smoked turkey ham complimented with Brie cheese and cranberry sauce; enfolded within Quesadilla pieces.

*it is interesting how the most recommended and least favourited ‘teasers’ actually have the same ingredients, just enveloped in different forms of carbohydrates. Try it for yourself and tell me your experiences, alright?

Dessets at last. This means I am about to end my post, hurray! (05:17am).

Premium Gelato. Mao Shan Wang (Durian). A MUST-try.
See how I bold and underlined the word; must? Trust me on this. This facade treat tried to bluff its way through, I am not going to fall for its tricks. It is too rich and creamy to be a gelato, or at least my own composition of the meaning; gelato.

|ge·la·to| [juh-lah-toh]
Origin; Italian, plural |ge-la-ti| [juh-lah-tee],  noun; use of past participle of gelare  to freeze. OR
noun; a rich ice cream, made with eggs and usually containing a relatively low percentage of butterfat.

Then I guess I am absolutely wrong then. Gelato is a rich ice cream, just that it contains lesser percentage of butterfat, which means lower amount of fat content; which then means… drum roll~


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