Who is 愛(aì)Makan?

Posted on June 12, 2011


And yeap, still ain’t showing my face. I love being mystical; ha. Okay, back to business.

愛(aì)Makan has been culled as one of the Top 10 Finalists of this year’s Singapore Blogs Award under the “Domino’s Best Food Blog” category. Would someone, please smack me on the face? I am still skeptical.

oh come on, look at these professionals in the category:

A rookie like 愛(aì)Makan is no match for any above. Check them out and vote for your picks here.

Hi. I am Hazel or better known as 愛(aì)Makan. If you are not living in singapore but happened to drop by, let me introduce my alias. The word 愛(aì) is Love in Chinese and Makan, to eat in Malay; which means Love to Eat. As the blog name suggests, I am a glutton.

It dates back a year ago, when I started fostering an obsession for photography. Since that day, it was portraying substantially every single dish I lay my eyes and hands on. When submitting photos onto Facebook could no longer pep me to continue, I turn to blogging. Thanks to that, I bought my first camera, Canon S95, thus the amazing shots; like those above.

Reminiscing the time when I posted my first ever post, my best pals affirmed that the article was atrocious. Yikes! After many books and amendments, I hope I have indeed improved and will continue enhancing my skills for journalism; you be the judge.

please help vote daily for me; if you like my blog, or me. Blush. Thank you so much in advance for taking time off your personal schedule to register and vote. Be sure to stay tuned for more makan experiences and adventures that awaits both you and I.

Cheers and have a great week. May those Monday Blues fly away~

yours truly, 愛Makan.

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