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Posted on June 16, 2011


I am way behind time. My last event post took me three whole weeks to complete; without a deadline. This, is a total pain in my neck. With a time frame of only four days, I am doomed. Oh well, enough of my craps; let’s get cracking.

Icon Village; a village in the city. Dexterously established alongside to the Amara Hotel in the hustle Central Business District (CBD), this one-storey convenience retreat is situated within Singapore’s first ever urban residential estate. How cool is that?
A bitsy sneak peek for you readers out there. I am going to blog on eight eateries out of the sixteen shown above; all in one post. Yes, you did see it right; a single entry.

Are you ready to embark on the same journey I went through? Let’s GO!

KUMO Japanese Kaiseki Restaurant

KUMO; pronounced ‘koo-mo’ , means cloud in Japanese. The restaurant specialises in relatively authentic Kaiseki cuisine. Kindred to the ever-changing clouds in the sky; the artistic chef would consistently create menus according to the alternating of Mother Nature; the four seasons.

Individual helpings of 5 sushi(s) were dished up before the fourteen of us. Once the first serving was set on the table, out came cameras; compacts and DSLRs, phones as well. It felt eccentric, yet predictable. I guess it’s the nature of bloggers, no wonder we clicked.

Sparsely torched sea bream. Luscious raw crystal bay prawn. A lightly poached pike eel with miso sauce. Unconventionally prepared octopus. And lastly, a decent sea urchin. I adored the Uni; sea urchin and Ebi; prawn. The rest were; mediocre, though so; they were indeed meticulously prepared. Well done.

SALTA Argentine Parrilla + Grocer

My depictions are making me drool on a dissatisfied night. I remember having that pinkish piece of grub; how I love feasting on barbeque with a slight bloody scene. A couple of bloggers became squeamish when they saw that chunk. All mine then.

Salta was chosen to be termed after a city in Argentina. The large town is known for its free roaming cattles which therefore contributes to less fatty beef. This tavern serves just that as their signature on a Parilla; one of the culinary cooking methods in Argentina.

Parrillada for 4. A hefty portion of mixed barbeque meats; medium rare beef sirloin, extremely lean beef skirt, chicken thigh, highly relished pork sausage and a prime cut of lamb rack. In addition to the carnivorous platter is a side of refinely grilled vegetables.

The versed cooks made this meal truly gratifying. Despite all that, the chicken thigh could have been prepared with more care; a little dry there.

Pizzaria L’Operetta

The pizzas concocted here, are thin crusted and baked for a minute and a half in a traditional wood-fired oven. In this somewhat italian pizzaria, comes a Japanese owner; Mr Katsumi Mizutani. With a kitchen full of Japanese folks, it felt less creditable when it comes to what they were to serve.

I was dumbfounded. This could be one of the finest doughy treat I have ever had. With a crisped base and delectable toppings, the controlled cooking was perfect.

Here’s what we had, Bismark pizza. Draped off with familiar ingredients like; tomato base, mozzarella & parmesan, ham and mushrooms; but wait a minute, an egg? I have never had a pizza with an egg in the centre, interesting.

Ramen Culture

Established in a country with countless number of corresponding victuals, this Japanese Ramen joint was set to procure the tastebuds of timid Singaporeans.

Hot-stone Tsuke Men set. A pot of bubbling hot broth was brought to us with a petite bowl of charred cha shu rice. Tsuke-men; dipping noodles in Japanese, which means simply to bath the stubborn and moistureless noodles in a spicy, rich gravy. Nothing they have described, was distinct; mainly masked by the rich seasonings.

The ox tail beef ramen was average, too beefy for my liking. Next please.

Muffet’s Room

An adorable signboard and appellation tricked me into thinking that I would be munching on sweet delights but instead; we had fish & chips and pastas. While travelling in Australia, the boss of this eatery fell for the fried battered seafood and made an influential decision of setting one up in the country.

The outer coating of the preferential cream dory was sizzled till golden brown, the smooth and tender morsel of fish tears apart easily when chomped on. I was moved to tears.

And here we have it, the spaghettis. This little Miss Muffet changes pasta choices daily. We had fish in lemon sauce , salmon in mixed tomato and cream base; and Chicken Italia. Passable; too heavy actually, half a plate would do just fine for me.

Whips Cupcakes

Say hello to this lovely babe of Whips Cupcakes; Maria. She is no staff of the humble bake shop, she is the owner. Jaw-dropping i know, close your mouth now; would you please?

Sampled the red velvet midget cupcakes. The divine cream cheese frostings on top of deeply flushed pieces of heaven; compliments one another with the lightly salted crown and aromatic sweet bed.

They could make it more substantial or I would need to stuff my roomy mouth mad.

Pâtisserie Glacé

One of the top-notch Japanese confectioneries here in the island. A professional in making fine ravishes, this store is reputable for its ice Rin Rin cheese tarts. You can conveniently select from a range of more than 10 different flavours. Savoured green tea, original, strawberry, earl grey and mango.

shortcakes and a couple more others were doled out as well.

Strawberry cheese tart. Creamy gooey goodness, unlike anywhere. The taste of the jam is feeble, concealed by the robust leading role; cream cheese. Blissful indeed.

Frost Bites
I am always dubious on the need for that many corresponding themed cafes in this city. In order to bring in traffic, you have got to be more expressive and exceptional.

A recent addition to the rage is this modest hideaway from the ever burning sun. A foe to big bright star in the day; is a cup of icy frozen LOW-FAT yogurt. The regular variations of options is a great way to keep customers happy. On the day of the event, they had original and Yakult (grape).

If you would like to be personally served by the attractive owners of Frost Bites; be sure to visit them if you can.

After gorging on most of the delicacies provided by the previous restaurants and parlours, I am sure I would need a cupful of good digestive yogurt, badly. A tiny bit of disappointment after having the first mouthful. Not quite what I needed on a glutted day like this; but I wouldn’t say it was bad. There just wasn’t any empty spot in the stomach to accomodate another sugary snack like this.

A fruitful event of repleted tummies and unlimited laughters. I made new friends and doubtlessly; had a swell time.

Thanks OMY.sg for the opportunity and I am highly anticipating the next.

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Mall Opening : 9am – 10pm.

If you are traveling by train:

Our nearest stop is Tanjong Pagar MRT Station. Head to Exit A, we are in the forty storey white building at the end of the diagonal gravel path.

If you are traveling by car:

On Tanjong Pagar Rd, make a turn into Gopeng Street (Opp. Tanjong Pagar Plaza)

On Anson Rd, make a left onto Enggor Street, a right on Tras Street and left onto Gopeng Street.

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