AiMakan on a diet; soon!? Maybe…

Posted on June 20, 2011


I see that ‘Look’ on your face, but believe it or not; I am going on a BMI challenge to lose some extra pounds.

I have always been bulky since school days, with countless of insensitive remarks made on me. This; intensely decreases my confidence even till today. I may have lost a handful of kilograms but I am definitely still on the plump side.

(pic taken: HERE)

I am definitely a ‘Hedonic’ eater; someone who eats for pleasure, even when I am stuffed.

Even before setting up this blog, I was known among my pals for being lickerish. I live by a motto; Live to eat. Now that is bad, real bad I tell you.

I have been wondering how I would fare during the four months challenge which, thankfully; will commence after the Singapore Blogs Award. I would still try updating as usual, by taking tiny bites instead of mouthfuls. What agony! Should I even bring myself into participating the ‘torturous’ event?

I have got to change my lifestyle, at least exercise three times a week while still wolfing down the same amount of calories I am having now; with an hour of exercise per week.

It would be up to me to choose whether or not, I want a better me and then win the $500 given as the prize for losing the most weight.

Wish me luck, all. Thanks,

AiMakan no more/Hazel.

p/s: I am skeptical.

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