1Caramel @ Rochester Park

Posted on June 30, 2011


Welcome to the new 1-Caramel, the one-stop joint for confections and all-day breakfasts. This is one excellent news for all brunch lovers, here’s an additional hangout to crash.

Concealed within lush backwoods; this diminutive 16-seaters 1Rochester group chain, sits comfortably on the second level of 1Rochester restaurant at the latterly popularized Rochester Park.

Sashay with your stomaches sucked in; across a scanty and occasionally brimful walkway constituted between its two kitchens.

One on the right; a solitary corner specially blueprinted for the preparations of customised fondant cakes, like these..

And this meticulously put-together piece. Don’t you just want to acquire a statuesque cake like this on your birthday? I know I would; hints.

There will doubtlessly be something for everyone, both young and old alike. Be mesmerised by the designs and efforts imposed on each and every cake made; price tags not included though.

The other opened concept galley was swarmed with engaged patissiers working on specific details of less intricate yet exquisite helpings; for that very evening. That chocolate berry tart looks gorgeous, doesn’t it?

Smoked salmon egg benedicts ($14 for two pieces). Breakfast in the middle of the night? Sweet.

You will never go wrong by serving oozing eggs on my plate; in fact you might even obtain several smoochies all over your cheeks. Don’t you worry, I am no sexist so come here you; little missy.

Ribbons of briny smoked salmon on a halved toasted Brioche; topped with an impeccably poached egg and hooker hollandaise sauce. Charming.

The Posh platter ($22++); plates three types of munchies in midget portions.

Aromatic truffle infused brie cheese and cherry tomatoes on morsel sized brioche. Slightly overcooked asparagus drapped in basil and delicately shredded italian parma. And my adoration for the night, smoked salmon quiche lid with creme fraiche and sparsely added trout caviar.

Raspberry chocolate coated Cake Pop. The commencement of an array of sugary delights that awaited us.

A single pop for each individual blogger, one bite and it’s all gone. Moist and full-bodied chocolate cake centre glazed with raspberry powder speckled dark chocolate coating.

I love how the acidic zest of the raspberry compliments the chocolate, it was happiness on a stick.

Everyone in the room shrieked as a handful of this; dessert course (three @ $16++; four @ $20++ and five @ $24++), which comprised of five variant miniature sweet treats, were set before all of us.

Clockwise from the top left corner.

•Tropical Vodka Trifle (Coconut sorbet capped with pineapple jelly and cubes)

•Earl Grey Creme Brulee with a tiny macaroon on the side

•1 Caramel Baked Alaska

•Death by Chocolate (Molten cake with dark chocolate sorbet) and lastly;

•Raspberry Lychee Rose Panacotta with Lychee Lemon Compote (Panacotta with fruit purée).

Every dish is available for ala carte, priced at $14++ each.

Would you just look at this fellow blogger, Crystal‘s cheeky expression? Absolutely priceless. “Mine, all mine.. Muahahaha!”

1 Caramel Baked Alaska. Most of us fancied this modest and complex dessert.

The merger of strawberry and vanilla Madagascar ice cream lined with chocolate and nuts brownie; layered with Rhum Italian torched Meringue on the outside. Sheer joy to dig into this creamy goodness.

Soufflés and ice creams. Yes; with the (S). As a matter of fact, we had three. Gritty passionfruit soufflé & sorbet (top), savory miso soufflé paired with tangy yuzu sorbet (bottom left) and toothsome hazelnut souffle coupled with chocolate ice cream.

Whines could be heard from every table when the third souffle was dished up; we were already filled to the brim. The soufflés were average. You could try it for yourself and you might like it, probably?

Looking at these alluring promotions, I am sure I would be back on a ravenous weekend. Are you tempted too?

Thank you OMY.sg; yet again for this makan invitation. This event was organised for omy.sg’s Singapore Bloggers Award finalists and I am really grateful as I managed to meet some really great people.

Clockwise from bottom left:

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