Loysel’s toy @ Kampong Bugis

Posted on August 15, 2011


One of the best hidden hot spots in the country is this, a plain-looking; far from lovable, Loysel’s Toy. Secluded and possibly accessible only by a ride, this prevailing coffeehouse has some of the best brews in town.

I should quit being a visual being and start admiring everything from the insides. Miss AiMakan has learnt her lesson and will not judge any book by its cover; ever again.

Step indoors and be overwhelmed by the aroma of the preparations.
Despite area constrains, they were able to amazingly accommodate four staffs behind the counter. This is to ensure that every glass is indubitably prepared swiftly and with a little extra attention.
Hospitable and fun, I felt sincerely welcomed. Thanks guys.

Dine alfresco and enjoy a lull weekday evening over some munchies or an uncomplicated weekend brunch.

The decision of arriving in the evening was indeed regretful as their limited grubs were intentionally made unavailable; after 4pm. Though so, there were still a couple of staple options purchasable. Disappointment did set in but well, next time then.

With several ancient-looking mismatches; seemingly bought from a local Garang Guni (modern form of rag and bone man), this other outdoor backyard offers a more laid-back environment.
Self-depictions could be pictured clearly; a gang of peers and AiMakan gossiping rowdily or a total correspond of a lonesome AiMakan occupied with a book over a cupful or two. Life could by no means be any better than that.

Loysel’s main asset; coffee, should be the only reason for any visit.

Piccolo Milk Coffee ($3.80).
I adore Latte Art. It takes effort learning how to handle the steamed milk well and to create flawless designs every single time. Are you able to recognise this particular piece of work? <3~
Frankly-speaking, I am no lover for the widely appreciated beverage; so here’s my companion’s review for her Piccolo : “Fragnant but what a meager serving.” Come on, babe; I bet there is a reason to that. A tiny glass encourages more sips and thus allowing maximum enjoyment.

Babycino ($1.50).
For non-coffee fanatics like myself, there are several alternatives to choose from; like this BabyCino. Just plain steamed milk with sprinkled choco powder and mini marshmallows, nothing much to rave about.

I have absolutely nothing to fuss on, except for accessibility and the petty entrée selection. Buck up on that and I am sure this ‘ Toy ‘ store will go a long way, despite the dreadful venue.

Address: 66 Kampong Bugis, #01-02 Ture / Sam Tat Warehouse, Singapore

Tel: +65 9451 0236

Hours :
Tue–Fri: 9am – 6pm
Sat–Sun: 9am – 7.30pm
(Closed on Mon)
[Food unavailable after 4pm]
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