Haato & Co. @ the Central

Posted on September 1, 2011


My Makan kaki and I were strolling down Clark Quay after an indulging dinner, when we chanced upon a train of people before a particular parlour. Having had Haato from both Liang Court and Thomson Plaza, I was disinclined to leave until I get my dose of their low fat treats.

Haato & Co., with a handful of other outlets across the country, branched from the Dessert Empire Pte Ltd; a local Gelato specialist embodied half a decade ago and still abiding. With over forty assorted flavours of the frozen desserts manufactured regularly, it is doubtless that you get a fresh scoop every single time.

An array of more than twenty variant options of the milky delights and sorbets were laid out before our eyes. It wasn’t easy picking out two favourites for our Large cup and after much sample testings, we settled with Premium Pistachio and Macadamia.

Anyway here’s their revised prices with effect from 1st June 2011.

Small Cup – S$3.50 (one flavour)
Medium Cup / Single Cone – S$4.50 (one flavour)
Large Cup / Double Cone – S$5.50 (two flavours)
500ml Tub – S$12.00 (two flavours)
Bundle of 3 – S$30.00
I have a certain fetish for pistachio, with reasons I can’t really explain. So how could I miss out on Haato’s? This is by far the other best rendition, besides Coccogelo’s (which I would eventually update on, oppsy), of the beloved nut.

Frankly-speaking, I prefer Haato’s. The hilly scoop was redolent with a hearty presence of the anacardiaceaes, reduced sweetness, a dash of saltiness and bits of mauvish skins still lingering within, it is a sure winner. Macadamia, though lavishing was mediocre. Nonetheless satisfying.

Address: 6 Eu Tong Sen Street, #01-74 The Central @ Clarke Quay, Singapore

Tel: +65 6225 6956

Opening Hours
Sun–Thu: 11am – 11pm
Fri–Sat: 11am – 1am