Black Garlic Macarons @ Jewels

Posted on September 17, 2011


I don’t idolize Andrew Zimmern for no reason, he is a real bizarre food makan fanatic. Living in this multicultural society, we are invariably encountering unique cuisines regularly. Think frogs, turtles and fish eyes. Though these may seem a norm to us, it may not be so for those who ain’t natives of the country.

For someone named ‘Weirdo’ among her friends, AiMakan always go for extremes; even too freakish for the locals. Smelly Tofu (from HongKong or Taiwan), the smellier the better or Natto (Japan), I can’t do without the slimy delicacy every day.

Therefore I presumed the challenge to be a piece of cake. What could go wrong for one with a gutsy palate?
Jewels launched Korean Black Garlic products a couple of months ago and also initiated a Singapore’s first ever option during this year’s Mid-Autumn festival; Black Garlic Mooncakes.

For those readers who are oblivious to Jewels Artisan Chocolate; this parlour with her remarkably adventurous chefs, has wowed many with their fascinating creations. Black Palm Island Salt (white piece) for example, is a one-of-its-kind flavour. Almond cream and salted egg yolk bounded by two slightly savory biscuits. Yes, your eyes aren’t playing you out; its the Asian favourite condiment to the mooncake, Salted Egg Yolk.

Garlic infused sweet almond cream sandwiched in a pair of pretty pink shells. Chomp into the crumply exterior and be surprised by a midget wedge of the black diamond in the middle.

If you adore garlic bread, you will find the taste rather familiar. The pungent aroma was stimulating to the taste-buds. The first bite was quirky, I guess it’s due to the fact that the honeyed garlicky punch being foreign to the brain. Subsequent acceptable nibbles made me finish it all.

It’s yet again a food that you would either love it or hate it. Me? I can’t wait to try the other works of the genius, namingly ice cream, chocolate and the mooncake.

Address: 181 Orchard Road, #02-31/32 Orchard Central, Singapore

Tel: +65 6509 8998

Opening Hours
Daily: 11am – 11pm

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