Woody Family Pub Cafe @ Andrews Ave

Posted on October 18, 2011


This ingenious hidden gem could be the next craze in my list; for its laid-back alfresco dining setting and enticing grubs. As a pub in disguise, you would never have imagined that Woody Family Pub Cafe serve home-cooked styled Peranakan cuisines with an inventive twist.

Some not-your-usual Volcanic Spicy Peranakan Buffalo Wings, stout bruised lamb shank Rendang or Pork knuckle Asam Pedas. I see those peepers widening and lips smacking, let’s keep it coming; alright?

Fancy a booze instead by the bar?

or chill out with a couple of peers in a cosy corner which is literally named “Cosy corner”.

It doesn’t really matter whichever section of the cafe it may be, you will definitely appreciate the efforts put into making this hangout homely by chronic item Sam and Jenny, founders of Woody.
Mango Salad ($14.90). Ditch that Thai Green Mango salad impression aside, here comes the Peranakan version. With loads of exotic fruits and vegetables piled up together and topped with their homemade sambal salad sauce, you are sure to be digging in with mouthfuls after mouthfuls. Every single bite was a surprise; with Petai (smelly bean), bitter gourd slices, bite-sized Jumbu and a couple of unrecognizable ones.
Volcanic Spicy Peranakan Buffalo Wings (6pcs/$17.90). When the Woody say buffalo wings, they really do mean Huge, enormous wings. Forget those scrawny wings you get from supermarkets for barbeques, they are nowhere near these monsters.

Seasoned with the owner aka Chef Jenny’s very own chili padi sambal recipe; those wings could possibly fly you to the moon. Please don’t ever try attempting the extreme without surveying first, you could lose that tongue of yours anytime.
Dory Fish Tempra ($17.90, comes with a serving of brown rice). Fresh, tender portion of dory bruised lightly in a pool of self-concocted sauce.

A little saltish in my opinion so do pair with the rice, though so the fish was well-marinated all the way through.

Devil’s Curry Chicken ($17.90) is actually a traditional Portuguese delicacy. So, why is it available at Woody’s? According to Jenny, who is a nyonya (peranakan term for the ladies); in the olden days and even till today, both the Peranakan and Portuguese communities thrive in Malacca thus resulting in a merger of these two distinctive cuisines.

The chef’s rendition is a massive chicken thigh oversized enough to disguise as a turkey’s, submerged beneath this brilliant mixture of spiced gravy. With a loaf of bread on the side, tear a chunk off and dip into the curry; it is finger licking good.
Lamb Shank Rendang. This mean piece of meat is brewed for 3-4 hours in guinness stout and lots of other secret ingredients that allow it to be this rich and gratifying, it scores big time. I just can’t get my eyes off it or should it the mouth instead?

Drenched with liquor just before serving, it removes any unwanted gaminess from the mutton; leaving it even more palatable and with a tiny tinge of alcohol. Sedap!

Here’s Sam and Jenny. They were so hospitable that it almost felt like I was part of the family. Thank you both for the gratifying dinner that evening, it was doubtless that we enjoyed ourselves and that I will definitely be back for more.

I do have a minor advice to anyone who wants to try this place out anytime soon, the kitchen is a little shorthanded as Jenny and Jennifer (Jenny’s important right-hand lady) are the only ones slavering to bring top-notch chows onto your table; therefore you might need to have a little more patience than usual. The fares are definitely worthwhile waiting for.

*This was an invitation makan session initiated by streetdirectory.com and Woody Family Pub Cafe.*

Address: 12F Andrews Avenue, Singapore

Tel: +65 6758 1185

Opening Hours

Mon–Fri: 12.30pm–2.30pm, 4pm–11.45pm
Sat–Sun & PH 12.30am–11.45pm

Check out Woody’s location at Streetdirectory.com

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