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Posted on January 5, 2012



It is the start of a brand new year and here I am rushing this post out to be the first entry of 2012.
AiMakan would like to wish all readers, passer-bys and friends, a well and thriving year and do frequent AiMakan’s blog for more up-to-date and exciting foodventures to come.

Last month was rather hyped up with several tasting events and personal makan expeditions which I am eager to share with all of you. After various reviews on foreign cuisines, it’s now time for our very own Singaporean styled delicacies; all under one roof.

Have you ever traveled great distances just to savour a plate or bowl of; say the highly renowned Katong Laksa or the reputable Rangoon road Bak Kut Teh?

I may not exactly have the solution to allowing maximum convenience of having all those popular stalls all in one location but well, I’ve got to introduce to you; THE next best place : Prima Taste Kitchen.

I am so going to skip all the boring explanations and just proceed with my reviews. Do google or Wiki the individual dishes, if you are keen to know more details; thank you for your understandings.

I am not joking when I say that I could swing my hand about while having a piece of the Popiah held on by a pair of chopsticks. It was indeed that firmly wrapped. Kudos to the chef who made that possible as I just can’t withstand flimsy enfolded spring rolls, it just gets too messy at times. Apart from the pricey tab, there was nothing much to fuss about.
As a true blue Singaporean, I should boost about our own Rojak but I have got to be honest; the ones I had in Malaysia are way way better.

Therefore when the midget bowl of complex Asian salad was served, I was not anticipating on the taste. Amazed by the fact that they have pre-packed Rojak sauce on sale, I decided to take a gamble. Apart from the admirably fresh ingredients used, the sauce was fairly acceptable. A mediocre fare.
I received several emails from our foreign friends asking about the most recommended food in Singapore. It would undoubtedly be the reputable Hainanese Chicken Rice.

What makes up a good plate of chicken rice? Tender pieces of perfectly poached meat, dipped in the specially concocted chilli sauce and mandatory fragrant garlic infused rice. Frankly-speaking, it is a challenge searching for any unpleasant Chicken rice here in Singapore; they all taste pretty good in my opinion. At Prima Taste, you are sure to be indulging in an above average portion; AiMakan guarantees it.

Hang in there with me, there are only four more variants till I am done with this entry.

Fried Hokkien Noodles. I was impressed with the chef’s own interpretation of the dish, using their own acclaimed sauce kits; the Prawn Mee paste. It tasted just like the real deal. The insufficient share was regretful, I had wanted the plate all to myself.

The helping of Fried Hokkien noodles was overwhelmingly delicious that it made us look forward to the next one in line : the Prawn Mee.

Rich and full-bodied crustacean infused broth, with noodles deeply bathe within; it was irresistibly spoonful after spoonful. You would not have believed that this came out of an instant stock mix.

When it comes to this strong contender for the heavily competed title of Singapore’s national dish, not even the ridiculous amount of calories; could shake many off.

What is a bowl of the legendary LAKSA without the satisfying dose of coconut milk, fiery spices and heap of slightly raw cockles. It turns me off if any of those components are left out accidentally or intentionally, especially those irreplaceable bloody molluscs.

This helping of al-dente rice vermicelli in spicy coconut-based soup was relatively gratifying and thank god, the ingredients were complete. Though it is nowhere near the acclaimed Katong Laksa, I would still give it a simple thumbs up.

This claypot Bak Kut Teh came after several successfully polished tableware. We were moaning when it was served as we had brimmed up our already loaded tummies. Agony.

Snatch that pot of incredible soup away from me and get punched in the face. I liked the Bak Kut (pork ribs) as much as I love my mom. Okay, bad comparison but seriously; it was finger-licking tender and tears easily from the bones at every bite. Let us just wish that the skills of the chefs stay within the benchmarks, every single time.

For your information, Prima Taste specialises in ready-to-cook premixes that allows you to cook like an expert in the comfort of your own home; effortlessly and conveniently. Think the Chilli Crab, Laksa, Prawn Noodles.. etc.

Choose from the Sauce Kits that serves approx. 4-6pax (prices ranging below S$7 each – online price) and Party or Premium Gift Packs that serves approx. 6-10pax (prices ranging around S$15 per pack – online price).

This festive season, Prima Taste introduces a series of Hampers that consist of a handful of their most popular sauce kits and a couple of other merchandises which they also offer. Can’t decide on what to gift? Here’s something else to consider.

Idling comfortably in your own bed but still wish to get a Party pack for a portion of Chilli Crab for dinner?
Check out their One-Stop shop Online : http://primataste.com.sg/store.aspx?CatID
Or how about times when you just can’t seem to cook anything well? Participate in their cooking workshops and get the right methods of cooking from the real experts : http://primataste.com.sg/workshops.aspx

When my family or friends from other neighbouring countries were to visit, I am sure to bring them to Prima Taste Kitchen for all the Singapore grubs as I am able to bypass the vexing job of bringing them around. Thank you so much, Prima Taste.

*This was an invitation makan session initiated by Prima Taste.*

Address: 176 Orchard Road, #01-63 Centrepoint, Singapore

Tel: +65 6887 3786