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Posted on January 22, 2012


Can you relate to times when you knew you would win a contest, like the sixth sense actually kicked in? I did, when I sent an answer to the question Shan & Rozz from 98.7FM; asked on-air. Let’s not bother what the Q&A was all about and focus on the food; okay?
I was lucky enough to score a lunch date for two with Shan Wee & Rozlyn, and four other groups of couples at Dempsey Hill’s RoadHouse.

Stationed at one lonely corner among several TeakWood Crafting shops, this countrify mannered bistro seemed undistinguished enough to be ignored. DO NOT, I repeat. DO NOT be deceived. Didn’t anyone teach you the phrase; “Do not judge a book by it’s cover”? Enter without any hesitations please.
The obvious traits of the American diners are found here at Roadhouse, with a laid-back and cosy atmosphere that was really inviting. One look and I knew this is one locale where I could just chill with some friends over a nice Sunday Brunch.
If you are here alone or with a partner, you could opt for the Kitchen front dining area. Let’s say that your name happened to be; “Alice Tan”, you have got to take that first seat on the left with the initials ‘AT’ at the back. How cool is that?
In case you prefer a more hush-hush moment on your first or even twenty-first dates, you could ask for these; away from the Chefs who could eavesdrop any private conversations, even when they don’t want to.

The lunch sets are divided into two categories; two courses – $25 & three courses – $35. We were fortunate to have the latter; a starter, main and dessert! We had to go for the Crab cakes for starters as I always have a soft spot for those side crawlies. The Cajun Chicken salad sounded promising too, on the menu.

Crusty Blue Swimmer Crab Cakes.
Tell me the portion was my main, I would have taken you for real. Those cakes were immense and because they came in only a piece, we were dazed.

The larger than palm-sized monsters were tightly packed with shredded crab meat, bits of sweet corns and some other unidentified ingredients, teamed with an ample scoop of milk glaze and crisp rocket leaves. Rozz had this as well and by the ways she was raving about it, you could have guessed that the crab cakes were keepers.
Cajun Chicken Salad
Chef recommendation. Cajun marinated mildly charred chicken chunks and rocket leaves tossed in specially concocted salad dressing, made up this very appetising starter.

The skin of the meat had wonderfully burnt sides with a distinctive smoky taste which compliments the mellow greens. An ideal foundation laid down for the highly anticipated entrees that followed.
Simply Brie-vine Burger
170grams Josper-grilled Wagyu patty, Brie cheese, seared poached pear, rocket leaves and sun-dried tomatoes sandwiched between a homemade bun.

The Josper (pronounced Hosper) Grill is a convenient merger of an oven and a charcoal grill all into one mean grilling machine. By marrying the two cooking techniques into one, it takes half the time to create that flawless medium rare doneness we wanted.

My lovely buddy, Nelly was kind enough to help split the enormous burger up so as we could both taste how good it really was.

Nom nom nom. Please do not disturb me while I am having some intimate moments with my beloved, Simply Brie-vine.

I must admit that the minced Wagyu beef was absolutely divine. The high fat content in the meat could be the reason why it was so succulent and tender. I was glad that I had company that day, at least I feel less guilty for having that full-bodied burger.

Egg Benedicts
One of the most preferred options for Brunch, oozing poached eggs and the rich hollandaise sauce over savoury meats and a delicious English muffin.

My date was exhilarated when the helping was served. She went forth and poked one of the eggs, anticipating the flow of the yolk. Nothing. Dug in deeper, only to be filled with dismay.
The gutsy AiMakan confronted the waiter and demanded for proper preparation of the yolks. When I expect my meals to be delivered in a particular way, it has to be produced in that form; no matter what. At least at RoadHouse, I managed to get a remake. I am appreciative of the effort for making my lunch complete, thank you Chef.

I was a tad disappointed as the taste of the briny bacon and honey baked ham were so overwhelming, I could hardly savour the hollandaise.
20120122-153416.jpgCheery Cherry Pie
A buttery pie crust loaded with red wine cherry compote and finished off with a blob of cream on top. Not literally a happy dessert as according to the name but we sure did become jolly after eating it.
Old Fashioned Apple Strudel
Droopy puff pastry wrapped around slowly sautéd apple cubes and California raisins in cinnamon, halved and served with vanilla specked ice cream.

Not my favourite as I still prefer the crumbly type which seems to be less hefty on the stomach and also gives that crisp crunch when cut or bitten.
20120122-153504.jpg For those who have been wondering how I really look like, I have finally subdued to showing myself as I wished to brag about this photograph. Here’s Shan wee (extreme left), Roslyn (extreme right) and Me (middle)! They are indeed a statuesque team, towering over me like I am a dwarf.
We would like to take this opportunity to thank MediaCorp 98.7FM for organising the imitate lunch date for the listeners, DJs Shan and Rozz for taking time off their personal schedules and RoadHouse for the superb fares.

Address: 13 Dempsey Road, #01-07 Singapore

Tel: +65 6476 2922

Opening Hours

Mon–Fri: 10.30am–2.30pm, 6.30pm–10pm
Sat–Sun: 9am–4pm, 6.30pm–10pm
Sat–Sun & PH: 9am–4pm [Brunch]


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