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Posted on February 20, 2012


I was cordially invited to HungryBBQ’s BBQ event which was hosted by the hospitable Zac (Black Tee) and his wife, Carol (Red tee) who own the business.

A sneak peek at the outrageous amount of food that were prepared for us during the cozy and heart-warming home-hosted event. Be mindful that this picture is only able depict a minor fraction of the feast we had.

“WARNING” : No reading of post in the middle of the night.

“RISKS” : Growling tummies, late-night suppers and potential increment of weight.

Substantial fat prawns queuing their way into the charming outdoor BBQ grill. $36.00/10pieces

Arriving famished was a good decision, though before anything was served the smell of the Barbie was torturous. Imagine standing in front of the grill with the aromatic smoke circulating around, I could have easily choked on my own saliva if I had lost concentration.

Fresh and ready for the mouth. All you perfectly grilled seafood died well and worth-while, thank you on behalf of the human race.

These jumbo satays are one of a kind. (Chicken; $12.50/20sticks, Beef; $13.50/20sticks, Mutton; $15.00/20sticks.)

At an average of 60-75cents each, they are definitely worth every cent. Brilliantly seasoned with their own special concoction, each skewer was packed with perfectly grilled meat that was juicy and delish. If you are always worried about getting tough cooked satays, HungryBBQ has two ways to solve them.

1) Get their Jumbo satays instead of the normal ones, as they are less lightly to get too firmed up after cooking due to the generous amount of meat used.

2) Engage their personal chef at $90/3hours and get that ideal skewered meat every single time.

Plates of food started to settle down on the table as the jam-packed Grill unloads.

Kalbi; korean styled beef short ribs ($15.00/500grams) were first. You should not be bothered by the slightly burnt sides, they enhanced the meat like an extra unintentional added flavour.

I had wished to chomp down any one of those as it was and get my hands dirty. Unfortunately for me, none of that happened. It was a prim and proper event, bite-sized portions were as anticipated. At least I managed to keep my poise, unwillingly.

I love my slabs of beef pink in the middle and brown on the outside. Therefore, I was more than happy to dig into these babies as they were set before my eyes.

You should have seen the faces of several others who were squeamish when they saw the gorgeous centre of the sliced ‘slightly’ raw flesh.

Having said that, HungryBBQ’s rendition was effortlessly mouth-watering, need I say more? A picture speaks a thousand times louder than words.

Southern BBQ Sirloin Steak, $15.00 / 500gms (5pcs)

Chicken wings are one of the prime ingredients prepared for any barbecue. So at this particular event, we had a batch of their proud creations.

Tasty, mellow marination and superb cooking skills resulted in polished plates with leftover bones. I would definitely go back for more, no doubts about that.

Chicken Wings 3-joint Signature Marinade, $7.50 / 10 Pcs

After a hefty meal of hearty and ‘heaty’ chomps, it would be nice if we had some desserts to cool our tummies and palates down. What could do a better job than ICE CREAMs from Ice Scream, a new established parlour?!

An assorted variety of Twelve flavours were brought to us by the boss who was also invited for the feast. Lucky us.

Exotic relishes like the Durian and Cempedak, some common favourites; Dark chocolate and Rum & Raisins. How about a couple of funky ones, Attap Seed and Teh Terik? I could not make up my mind on which to choose as my preferred choice, no one could. Frankly-speaking, I do have a soft spot for any Salted Caramel ice cream. So, no extra points for those who guessed which I eventually chose as my best-loved.

I can’t thank the HungryBBQ crews enough for making my visit to their home an unforgettable one. With great food, good company I could ask for nothing more.
For your information, the food they serve is Halal, great for multi-racial parties like Company dinners or Class gatherings so The next time you want to have a Barbecue somewhere around the country, think of HUNGRYBBQ!

*This was an invitation makan session initiated by HungryBBQ.*
Address: 57 Jalan Tua Kong Singapore 457253
Tel : 6243 2243
Email :

Ice Scream Singapore
Address: Blk 301 Serangoon ave 2 #01-328 (s) 550310
Tel : 9818 6151

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