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Posted on March 17, 2012


Venturing out of the comfort zone may be the most perplexing decision anyone could make, unless you are absolutely definite about it. I have a life-long goal too but it is that one particular step which tends to pull me back every single time.
Chef Mac and his wife are examples of those who took the gamble to fulfill that dream of theirs. Obolo started off as a simple online confectionery and expanded out into the market with their pioneer store along the eateries populated, Joo chiat Road in 2007.

After half a decade of hard work, they managed to progress further with a much varied menu in a brand new location; Katong 112.

The incorporation of all-day dining to the initial desserts-only concept was brilliant, especially with the highly competitive situation they are facing in the mall. Now you get to enjoy daily ‘almost’ all-day (10am to 5.30pm) Brunch in the cosy corners of the cafe, that serves the adored indulgences like Egg Benedicts, Pancakes and French Toasts.

I can’t wait to linger around fiddling with the shoals of fishes in the display tanks, over a quick lunch or a peaceful weekend brunch with a friend or two.

I was down with flu that day and was carrying a bad sore throat. Thank god I dragged a couple of foodies along to help polish the satisfying spread that Chef Mac had lined up just for us.

A perfect starter for my day would be a bowl of pipping hot Soup. I am not sure about you but any renditions of Mushroom soups would win my vote at most eat outs. OBOLO’s Wild Mushroom Soup ($5, half & $8.50, full) was a great contender with a creamy base and excellent dose of distinctly noticeable bits of the Fungi.

In order to diverge our palates from the former rich brew, a Roasted Capsicum and Tomato soup with Celery ($5, half & $8.50, full) tasted like a reformed version of the familiar Minestrone was served as well.

This considerably viscous cousin of the light Tomato broth was inviting. The tang from the ingredients helped rouse the appetite before the actual feast began.

When it comes to this comfort food; French Toast ($9/2 pieces), it reminds me how my Mom would usually make it for breakfast during my life in school.

I was that overwhelmed by the delicate texture of the bread and pleasant scent of the pan-fried egg coat, it managed to draw my attention away from the pricey tag. Shower over with syrupy Maple, it was an entree that was remarkably reminiscing.

20120314-221523.jpgBefore we indulged in the highly anticipated sweets, there was another helping of light main to wolf down; the Roast Chicken Club.

Four quartlets of harmless looking, two-tiered sandwiches packed with grilled chicken thighs; egg omelette; dense emmental cheese slices and greens. They were yummy but the sight of the sequential desserts had distracted both the eyes and sense of taste. I am guilty of not sincerely appreciating it, I apologise.

Are you able to stay focused at the savoury fares while this plate of gorgeous looking treat sets on the side?

The indisputable limelight was diverted in this picture (the Mövenpick dark chocolate ice cream), from the indistictive cup of Earl Grey Panna Cotta ($12) in the background.

The smooth, creamy pudding was topped with slightly dog bone shaped cocoa meringues.

The aroma of Earl Grey was evidently fragrant compared to the unexpected traces of orange essence. It was only when Chef Mac questioned us on identifying the ingredients, did we realise the trivial amount of the citrus perfume blended within. According to him, by mixing both up it allows the odorous tea to exhibit a peculiar smell and aftertaste.

This equally lavishing piece of art caught me offguard with its unalluring presentation. Not the vanilla ice cream of course but that brown, grainy cake. It’s the Sticky Toffee Pudding ($12).

The steamed moist sponge cake, made with finely chopped dates is commonly known as a pudding in Britian, fyi. Arriving warm beside a scoop of Mövenpick ice cream loaded with specks of vanilla, the pair complimented each other relatively well. A joy to complete, definitely.

Assorted array of Macarons ($2.35/pc).

No trip to OBOLO is complete without their signture Macarons. With more than ten classic flavours and several limited-edition seasonal ones to choose from, you are sure to be spoilt for choice. We were thrilled to sample a handful; Champagne, Mango Passion, Dark Chocolate, Salted Caramel Chocolate and Macademia Nut Chocolate.

The enthusiastic friend was too eager to pop one into her mouth. I ‘punished’ her by using her fingers to pose for my picture, a full ten minutes till I got the perfect shot.

Even when we were ready to dig into the divided cuts, I continued my evil plan. Muahahahaha~

Obolo’s macarons are excellent as their chocolate ganache or buttercream are not intensively toothsome. I had wished for more Champagne and Macadamia nut Macarons on the plate as they were that awesome.

Do pop them down immediately to avoid the insides from softening and becoming too messy.

Chocolate Salted Caramel Tart ($6.50)

At long last, the Tart. A three layered masterpiece that is built up by dark chocolate, chocolate ganache and salted-caramel cream over a buttery base. From the terms, dark chocolate to salted-caramel cream scream ‘eat me’ in the brain which I gladly adhered to within seconds.

Oh my adorable Valencia. I can’t resist anything that comes in teeny weeny sizes and that would explain why I was charmed the presentation of this cake. Mini pink macaron, what else?

As we all know, chocolate is best consumed on its own but there are several ingredients that goes really well with it. Chili for example, and Orange. Valencia is a combination of milk chocolate mousse and orange crème over a lovely crisp royaltine bed. If you are a dare-devil whose eyes widened at the sight of the word ‘Chili’, I apologise for the dismay. Chow this baby down instead, learn to appreciate the lack of outrageous creations and be normal for just one day.


Chef Mac and his amazing crew.
Thank you so much for your kind invitation and hospitality.

*This was an invitation makan session initiated by OBOLO.*

112 East Coast Road #B1-11/29 112 KATONG
Singapore 428802

6636 1073

Opening hours
10am – 10pm

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