Korean BBQ buffet @ Blue Garden

Posted on April 10, 2012


I owe my horizontally expand-ing body to my anonymous foodie friends who have been force feeding me ever since I had this food blog.

Not complaining, just saying that i am lucky to be supported by so many makan kakis who have been bringing me to some really fantastic dining locations. Without them, there will be no AiMakan.


I bet most of you would have suspected that this particular Korean BBQ diner was recommended to me by one of them. Yes folks, bingo!

Away from the bustling hypes in the heart of Tiong Bahru which houses numerous thriving eateries (to name a few; the Orange Thimble, Forty-Hands, Drips and ODP), Blue Garden Korean BBQ was established within Link Hotel.
The charge of $19.90+ for their buffet lunch was deemed feasible as the spread was well, pleasing.

I do recommend going for lunch instead of dinner though, they get shorthanded during the later hours; replenish a lot slower and priced at $26.90+.
Korean Spicy Rice Cakes/Ddeok boggi.

The sauce was runny and unable to coat chewy rice cakes well. It would be nice if they had been more generous with the spices.

For cooked sides,  their fried Chicken Wings/Drumlets would be a must-try while they are warm. I can foresee you going back for more, thanks to my sixth sense.
Daily Soup.

I am not this absent-minded normally but I did fail to remember what this broth was called.

Taste recollection : somewhat akin to Japanese Miso, slightly tangy and appetising. Great starter for a buffet meal like this.
Carnivores look this way, Omnivores join in please.

You have survived through several initial boring blah blahs and now the Main topic of the day : Meat! What is a Korean BBQ buffet without the sliced, thinly sliced Beef, Pork, Chicken; marinated or just on its own.
Seasoned Beef Ribs.

Highly recommended by yours truly, along with Beef Belly and Pork Belly.

I do have mixed feelings for Blue Garden whether if it is worth eating or just another Korean Restaurant, with some hits and misses. Should I go back for another round to assess yet again?

Address: 50 Tiong Bahru Road, #01-07 Link Hotel, Singapore

Tel: +65 6224 0700

Opening Hours Daily: 12pm–3pm,  5pm–10pm