New meatball recipe @ Ikea (SG)

Posted on April 13, 2012


If you are looking for the reputable meatball recipe, I apologise for luring you in with the title. This brief post is specially composed to notify you about the modifications done in the meatballs that they now serve.

My blogger friends and I dropped by IKEA particularly to experience the changes made to the all-time favourite.
The recipe of their renowned Meatballs has been recently improved; better quality minced beef and pork (according to them, that is).

As you can see, they are no longer spherical. Slightly elongated and egg-shaped. These once round babies are not only disproportionate, they are squashy and moist. Forget about the previously firm and compacted meatballs, here comes the authentic version.

Final verdict : taste equally flavourful; forked apart easily so knives became redundant; children get to taste them at a much younger age and it requires a larger amount to satiate my stomach.

I might go back for more but would definitely get extra chicken wings as well.

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