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Posted on April 19, 2012


Our tiny country has only two major assets that is uniquely Hers, according to my theory that is. The people and what else, but those glorious food.

As AiMakan and a Singaporean, I am proud to be emphasising on something other than persuading you to make more babies.
No matter how much we adore foreign cuisines, I am sure none of us could forgo any of our favourite Char Kway Teow or appetising Rojaks that you would only find in the slightly cluttered hawker centres or air-conditioned food courts.

How familiar are you with Food Republic which offers the best of both worlds?

This amazing re-creator of the local dining scene has finally brought in their chain of structured delights into the outskirts. Not any suburb area but the distinguished section where many renowned eateries and food critics would gather, Katong. Specifically in 112 Katong.

Working shifts can be a pain in the ass at times like this. I had to rush off for work even before the event ended and was deprived of capturing the interior of the place.

If you have been following my blog, you know that it would be the entrées that are most important anyways.
Have you ever wondered how food bloggers manage a tableful of dishes at one invitation? AiMakan would either arrive with a bottomless tummy or nibble like a mouse.

With more than ten various fares to sample on at the tasting, I had no choice but apply both tactics.

Fu Lin Tofu Yuen.
(7pcs set with noodles – $6.80)

We kicked it off with a variety of fried goodness brought to us by this traditional Hakka Yong Tau Fu veteran.

With its own acclaimed success in launching several branches and serving more than 1000 patrons daily, Fu Lin should credit their prosperity to their one-of-a-kind minced chicken mushroom gravy. Yummy stuff, it really was.

Huat Huat BBQ Chicken Wing
BBQ Chicken Wings – $1.30 (min 3 pcs)

I can’t imagine a meal without some delightfully grilled white meat as starters when we dine in hawker centres or food courts.

Therefore when servings of these delectables were placed before us, I was exhilarated. Attentive barbecue techniques resulting in scrumptious golden brown exteriors with a certain shine that would perk up appetites for any spread that follows.

Li Xin Teochew Fishball Noodle
Mee Pok (dry) – $4.50

Daily handmade fishballs could be the best catch Li Xin has to offer.

Kept in chilly cold water instead of being frozen, those pearly mini orbs are packed with freshly minced yellowtail meat and could easily imitate ping pong balls anytime. I could be exaggerating just a wee bit and how I wish for that to be true.

The bowl of Mee Pok was stiff and unyielding after 15 minutes of photography session, our fault. Shower the noodles with some soup and wriggle them about with your chopsticks, as good as before.

I fell for the Li Xin owner…’s dry noodle sauce. What were you thinking? Haha.
The incorporation of their homemade chilli paste and ketchup was splendid, just how I like them to be.

Formosa Delights
Dao Xiao Mian (Beef) – $6.00

It would have been amazing to show you how the chef would be slicing strips straight off a noodle dough into boiling water, what a sight.

Their Dao Xiao Mian (direct translation: knife shaved noodles) are prepared in two ways, with pork spare ribs or beef.
And because they are shredded by hand, you tend to get some inconsistency in your bowl. This could be the only enchanting factor that make every portion gratifying.

Indian Express*NEW*
Butter Chicken with Garlic Naan – $9.00

This latest inclusion to the Food Junction family is a huge break-through for the iconic restaurant, Song of India. The idea of venturing out was bold, salute.

We had a couple of fares that we sampled that day and the garlic naans were amidst them. The simple daily staple was a big hit with its slightly charred surface, therefore it was not at all astounding when the naans caused a rave at our table.
The butter chicken did not exactly compliment the grilled breads as well, I would have preferred a mild curry of any kind instead.

I should really stop torturing my fellow pals when they are in the midst of enjoying their meal. I will try, someday.
(this lovely manicured finger belongs to a new blogger friend, Shanice, thanks dear.)

Thye Hong Fried Hokkien Mee
Fried Prawn Noodle – $6.80

All hail to the Hokkien Prawn Noodles! Do I need to even say anything about this one in particular? Some of you readers out there could easily be more familiar than I am regarding this stall.

The constant emphasis of arranging his food on Malaysia or Indonesia imported Opei leaves kept customers yearning for more. It emits a delicate woody aroma which seems to act more like a magic potion, it’s just not the same without it.

Cho Kee Noodle
Fried Dumpling Spinach Noodles – $7.00

Advancing from the initial push cart in the 60s to multiple stores around the country, the adored traditional Mee had a twist of fate and was improved into a healthy blend of spinach, carrot and seaweed noodles.

If you love having spicy food, be sure to try Cho Kee out and be bewildered by their chilli paste.

Pepper Lunch
Pepper Steak – $15.90

Pepper lunch is more or less like a fast food joint available in Food Republic. This all-time favourite needs no further introduction, I am sure about it.

Dapur Padang
Nasi Kuning set – $6.90

This yellowish rice should not be mistaken with the Kuning fish you get with your Nasi Lemak. In Indonesia, Nasi Kuning means turmeric rice cooked with coconut milk.

Shaped like a inverted cone, Nasi Kuning is usually eaten during special events. We are lucky to be able to eat it any time we want at Katong 112 so i presume everyday is a joyous day then!

Being well versed in spices, the side dishes of Dapur Padang are most likely to be spicy and flavoursome. Be sure to try them out, someday.

Hang in there people, I know it has been a very lengthy entry. Frankly-speaking, it is so much worst writing it than reading if you can imagine. Almost there folks, I think.

Ju Shin Jung Korean Cuisine
Mixed Vegetable Rice in Hot Stone (BiBimBab) – $7.80

The vivid colours and layout of the ingredients used can indeed help rouse appetites. Tell me you can’t bear mixing this up as it looks really delightful, say it or you would make me look bad.

What makes a good BiBimBab? Freshness of the contents, a good hot pot, excellent Korean sauce and the one last mandatory item; a raw yolk. Ju Shin Jun does it so well, it’s just too pretty to touch.

Ah Yip Herbal Soup*NEW*
Herbal Duck Drumstick Soup Noodles – $13.50

You might be slightly overwhelmed by the price tag. Yes, i was too. How about thinking of the whole duck leg that would be swimming within instead.

The savoury broth seemed to have mimicked my old granny’s herbal duck soup which she occasionally brews for us. It was not a complete replica but if it was this close to a homemade version, you knew you are in for a treat.

Bangkok Gem
Pad Thai with Prawns – $6.00

You know a good contender when you meet one and you would know the exact opposite as well.

I am sure you have heard of this proverb: “the beauty lies in the eye of the beholder.” Sadly, this plate of Phad Thai found a wrong beholder to settle upon. You will definitely find someone who appreciates you better, someone with more robust tastebuds.

At long last, one more set of reviews to go.

Fragrant Hotpot
Hot Pot – $21.90 (Triple Set)

I am dubious of this final product’s presentation as it looks way too oversized for a single serving. Then again, the cost of the HotPot is rather steep. I presume it is actually meant for a group to savour together?

Are you daunted by the colour of this dish? We were. I was taken aback when I relished a bite. The Ma La spice was not as intimidating as we thought it would be, try it to believe it.


I shall conclude this entry with my top three choices of local delights at Food Republic.

Drum Rolls..

Second Runner-Up.

the beloved Dao Xiao Mian.



herbal duck noodles with Granny’s taste.


First Place.

bouncy fish balls and gratifying Mee Pok with special recipe chilli sauce.

Tempted by all the mouth-watering photographs on AiMakan? Check out your nearest Food Republic today and be satisfied with the range of spread they had laid out just for you.

Address : 112 East Coast Road, Katong 112.

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