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Posted on May 26, 2012


The snacking on-the-go culture has been around since god knows when. For someone who has minor monophobia (an acute fear of being alone) only at meal times, AiMakan is always happy to oblige to this eating habit while doing shopping preferably unaccompanied.
A Newbie in the light bites industry, Perkies specialises in nibbles made up of fresh ingredients and batters prepared daily, deep-fried in non-hydrogenated and trans fat free sunflower oil.

“Every cone is cooked right when you order, with our love and pride.” is a promise made to all customers on the delivery of every serving straight from the sizzling hot oil.

Tots & Crisps.

Slashed and diced from specifically selected potatoes, the chips and tiny hashbrowns came piping hot onto our hands.

Ditch the bag of processed chips and dunk your fingers into this loaded cardboard cone instead. Golden and almost oil-free were the thin cuts and mini cylinder-shaped moulds of the starchy stem. Priced at $2.80/portion with side dips of cheese and taco, it is worth a try.

Corn Puppies.
Offsprings of the Corn dogs?

In place of the normal huge dog, Perkies offers a much modest helping of a petite triplet. The intentional reduction of the edible canine on a stick is adorable.

Midget chicken franks are immersed in a sweet cornmeal recipe mix before being sent into boiling oil. Drizzle over with some Tomaustard sauce for a slight tang and chomp into the perfect coating, so good even its beloved mascot wants a bite or two.

Cheeky Chicks.

Savoury and succulent chicken thigh nuggets are perfumed with 9 assorted herbs and spices giving an exotic thai flavour, unlike any other.

Pop one into your mouth and you will know what I mean.
According to Perkies’ owner, Jessie; Cheeky in the name depicts the ‘vibrant’ lifestyles of most Bangkok Thais in a jesting manner and Chicks in short for chicken or pretty ladies.

It would be nice if you can imagine how each morsel of meat tastes like, being marinated right through. Spice it up with the Thai imported sweet chilli sauce for a little extra punch.

Onion Rings.

Chomp down a generous chunk and be flabbergasted by the impressive crunch from the batter. I would willingly gobble the portion down all by myself, if it wasn’t for the sponged oil within.

Personally, I love the rings. I do hope that the greasy ones we had were just a minor blunder as I would go back for more someday if it was.

Perks Sips.
Fizzy Lychee & Mojito Iced Tea.

Mojito Iced Tea

Virgin duplicate of the cordial Mojito with an added twist, daily brewed tea. The standard dash of mint leaves and a good dose of lime slices, possibly kaffir lime from Thailand; resulted in this refreshing concoction.

A far cry from its alcoholic cousin, this iced tea left a very faint impression compared to the notably interesting partner; Fizzy Lychee.

Fizzy Lychee

Whilst this thirst quencher is nothing more than a lychee flavoured soda with a tinge of a rose petal fragrance, I urge you to dig your straw deeper into the bottom.

Get ready to be fascinated by a particular matter that would journey through a long passageway before being sent into your mouth.
This should not be comparable to the usual pearls you get from bubble tea stores all around the island.

Concentrated lychee juice would ooze out of their individual gummy sac as you burst each one with your tongue, at the back of your throat. Savour the fluid with the sparkling carbonated beverage and enjoy the frosty encounter on a casual hot, humid day.

Perkies Crew

A great thanks to these two girls who made my visit to Perkies very welcoming. I was however, rather discontented as I did not get to meet the owner, Jessie that very day. Maybe I might bump into her, at her store some day perhaps?

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*This was an invitation makan session initiated by Perkies.*

Address: 5 Changi Business Park Central 1, #B1-20 Changi City Point, Singapore

Tel: +65 6636 3998

Opening Hours
Mon–Fri: 12pm – 10pm
Sat–Sun: 10am – 10pm

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