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Posted on June 11, 2012


While most of us are looking for effortless ways to keep expanding waistlines at bay, several eateries have already resorted to healthier means of cooking.

Charly T’s, apart from their signature Rotisserie chicken, took the effort to revise variant recipes and made them less hefty.

As I advanced into the uncluttered interior of the restaurant, I was impressed by the individual sections; the man, himself had put together to allow maximum exposure of diverse cultures to his customers.
As a voyager who has been traveling around the world, Charly managed to capture a tinge of every distinctive lifestyles of countries he has been to; in his furnishings and menu.

These oriental dividers for example, from China I presume.

How about a laid-back corner with a less sophisticated diner styled bench and bricked walls?

A stress-free environment, perfect for a family of four with young adolescents.In my opinion, the area mimics an American school’s dining vicinity where schoolchildren would gather around having their meal breaks. There, another country recognised.

And here they go Asian-styled yet again. The only private room available at Katong 112 outlet is made up of traces from the Peranakan culture, floor tiles to furnitures used. How quaint.
Equipped with a 60″ widescreen, Charly’s porch is an al fresco lounge where patrons can have their meals and enjoy occasional ‘live’ sports matches away from the usual hustle and bustle of the general crowd.

Whichever event or occasion it may be, there will always be a suitable spot for you and your loved ones to savour the feast Charly T offers.

First up off the menu is their very own reputable Original Rotisserie chicken in (quarter + 2 additions, $13+), (half + 3 additions, $24+) & (whole + 4 additions, $42+).

On top of that, customers can now also opt for the Kampong Chicken and two new flavours: Black Pepper & Kansas City BBQ in (quarter + 2 additions, $15+), (half + 3 additions, $27+) & (whole + 4 additions, $46+).

If you are wondering what does a quarter set include, here’s a rough depiction. A huge chicken thigh or a generous piece of breast and a couple of sides and dips.Succulent cuts of white meat seasoned in their own special combination of marinades over a period of 13 hours, before being sent rotating in a rotisserie cooker.

As a result, a considerably tasty product was presented before us. The skin on the chicken was delish while the flesh beneath though satisfying, was rather bland. All the better to savour the multiple condiments served?
The ‘additions’ which actually mean sides can be ordered a la carte at $4+ per portion.
– German Potato Salad
– Fresh Vegetables
– Butter Garlic Rice
– Macaroni & Cheese

Potato salad was delightful. I was too engrossed with the mac & cheese that I may not have enjoyed it as much as I should have. My bad.
The vegetables would not need further introductions or do they?
Butter Garlic rice was buttery soft and fluffy with a tinge of garlicky aroma. Nothing too overpowering and the best part, no bad breath!
I have got to give them a little credit for their one-of-kind Mac n Cheese. What do I mean by that? A quarter of the usual amount of cheese used, it may not taste as traditional as compared to any classic recipes but well, it was good enough for me.

This Honolulu favourite; Kaula Pork ($16+, a skewer of three) is definitely a distant cousin of our local Kong Bak. An essential fare dished out during Hawaiian Luaus or feasts, the fat trimmed Pork Bellies cubes are thoroughly marinated and slow cooked.

I would personally still prefer to retain the fatty bits as it does aid in giving more flavour to the meat. Taste above health once in a blue moon is undoubtedly acceptable. 😊
Jumbo Schnitzel Burger ($14+).

Schnitzel; a Austrian-German staple found in Vienna, is made up of boneless chicken pieces walloped with a mallet (escalopes-styled). Coated with crumbs and fried till crisp, this chicken breast cutlet was a tad dry for my liking.

Apart from the ‘brimming’ piece of meat sandwiched between a midget bun, I find this burger rather average; taste-wise.


Priced at $10.50+ and even lower during lunch hours, this CT beef burger is definitely a steal.

Prepared in any doneness you prefer, our medium-rare minced patty was fairly done.
Kaiserschmarrn ($14+)
This other Austrian-German delicacy, also known as Emperor’s mishmash is a messy dessert made up of pieces of slipshod shredded delicate pancakes and raisins. Paired with a scoop of lovely vanilla ice cream, it was a bliss to end the tasting off with it.

I may not been overwhelmed by the fares prepared but I did think that they were rather decent. I might go back for more but would probably try others on menu as well.

* This invitation was initiated by Charly T’s. Sampled and reviewed according to AiMakan’s subjective taste buds.*

Address: 112 East Coast Road, #03-15 112 Katong, Singapore

Tel: +65 6636 4701

Opening Hours
Mon–Thu: 11am – 11pm
Fri: 11am – 1am
Sat: 9am – 1am
Sun: 9am – 11pm

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