E.Clat @ Sultan Link

Posted on June 24, 2012


Daniel from Daniel’s food diary was kind enough to let me tag along on one of his food invites to this recently launched ‘canteen’. There was no signboard, or at least at the time when we were there. Let’s just hope they have finally put one up else, it would be a chore looking for the place. The diner is E.Clat (pronounced ‘a-kla’) Gourmet Canteen and if you are wondering what does that unfamiliar word suggests, its french for ~brilliancy of success.

Operated by an assembly of property agents; with an expression ~”fine dining for the masses”, their multi-racial fares are constituted to be as dandy and economical as possible with no GST and service charges. I think I saw your eyes brightening up upon seeing that.A full-fledged cooking studio within its premises. Equipped with all the essentials and ready for a class anytime.20120622-144434.jpg

W.O.W Chicken Wings, Honey Sesame (pictures).
3 pieces @ $4.50 & 5 pieces @ $6.90.
With a selection of several flavours to be tossed over impeccably fried wings, you are sure to be spoilt for choice.
European Big Breakfast ($12.90).
Made up with the usual BF ingredients; scramble, bacon strips, baked beans, chicken franks.. etc, E.clat’s rendition was more or less the same as any others. I adored their scrambles though, rich and creamy just the way I like my eggs to be.

20120622-161939.jpgEgg Benedicts ($10.90).
The Ben is spreading like wild fire, he is everywhere. Hefty and jam-packed with eggy proteins, this big fella is a threat to all those dieting.

I would prefer a more full-bodied Hollandaise sauce on my Bens than what I had at E.clat’s. The inconsistency of the poached eggs was disheartening though one of the two yolks flowed. With the tab being rather reasonable, I should maybe turn a blind eye?

20120622-144417.jpgVanilla Crème Brulee ($5.50).
Crusty sugar torched top layer over a chilled luscious vanilla based cream custard. That sugary lid cracked like tinted glass and the milky insides emerged, a perfect ending to the meal.

With a device like this on every table, expect less rowdy patrons calling out for waiters. Ain’t that nice?

E.clat gourmet canteen is located on the 3th level of the quirky looking building along Mohd Sultan Road, Sultan Link. Just to clear some doubts if you happen to visit them someday, press on level (1) when you take the elevator if you don’t see the number (3). Such a silly blunder.

Address: 63 Mohamed Sultan Road
#03-14, Sultan-Link Building
Singapore 239002
Tel: 6604 7998