The Square @ Novotel Hotel

Posted on July 5, 2012


What makes a good buffet truly memorable? A wholesome spread or an intriguing variation to certain dishes offered probably.

I would personally be bowled over by the latter if there’s an existence of a wow factor.

Novotel Hotel’s very own contemporary buffet restaurant, the Square serves a pleasant feast of international cuisines. The natty environment was pleasing, though with an occasional kid running about the family buffet floor.Be greeted by a pair of hulking juice decanters standing flamboyantly right in front of you as you advance in.

Refills of beverages never looked this fascinating, ever.

I am going to do this for the first time and you readers would definitely be willing to oblige to this. More photographs and less narrations, hurray! What can I say, it’s a buffet entry and it would be impossible for me to diligently comment on every single morsel I put into my mouth, right? 🙂Now let the feast begin.
Huge Cooked Salmon.
A generous slab of fresh salmon seemingly baked to perfection.

Assorted Fresh Oysters.

Initially despaired by the molluscs being pre-shucked, I was taken aback as I nudged a hefty and succulent piece out of the half shell. At only 110 calories per dozen, you bet I did not stop at just a couple.

An array of starters to start with.

Allotments of a once meter long Ham-and-cheese club sandwiches.
Giant Mortadella Sausage.

A hunk of Roasted Lamb.

Meter long snail sausage.

Jumbo Spanish Seafood Paella.

A closer look into the massive wok of saffron perfumed rice and a handful of dainty crustaceans.

To be frank, I would never attempt consuming too much carbohydrates at a buffet unless absolutely necessary. I did nibble a little, preferably leaving some allowance for more tummy-worthy grubs.

This immense parmesan cheese bowl is not only for display. What purpose it is there for then? You will soon find out, be patient.

Tumble piping hot Risotto in and toss it around the edible container. Get every grain evenly coated with delectable cheese and…

Ta Da!
Cheese Risotto

Laksa Risotto?
Your eyes ain’t playing you out. Chef Jean had beef the Italian dish up with a special local kink.

Nowhere else would you be able to taste anything like it. It was like Laksa having the noodles and diluted gravy replaced with luscious and gooey rice squirmed in the sauce.

Poached Cod Fillet ($34)
Stewed in spiced prawn broth and coconut milk, the fresh catch was tasty. Only available on the ala carte menu and served with a bowl of rice, this main could be a great choice over gorging on the buffet.

A towering 8-tiered pink cake with rainbow sprinkles.

An overview of the dessert corner.


Fruit Tart.

Durian Pengat.
My date for the night, Melissa went nuts over this and had, I lost count actually – maybe five servings altogether? The Pengat was great though I would prefer devouring the fruit itself.

This is the new head chef, Jean-Philippe who seems to be obsessed with bulky and elongated servings of the fares. It is actually the unique features of his ideal refurbished menu for the Square with a distinguished theme, “What’s the big deal?”.

If you noticed, I had underlined and bold every single eats deliberately made monstrous. Go right back to the start of the entry and browse it over again if you had missed any one of them.

Cheers to Chef Jean and John Paolo for having me and my guest that day.

*This is an invitation initiated by Novotel Hotel, the Square.*

Buffet pricing:
Dinner (Sun-Thur): Adult – $48++, Child – $30++, Senior Citizen – $30 nett


The Square Restaurant
Level 7 of the Novotel Clarke Quay Singapore
177A River Valley Road,Singapore, 179031
Tel : +65 (0) 6 3383333
Fax : +65 (0) 6 3392854