(MP) Grin Affair @ Everton Park

Posted on July 7, 2012


Ever since I started instagram-ing (I am @aimakan by the way), I have been capturing a lot with my iPhone. The availability of my mobile phone is definitely more than my DSLR, I am sure no one would disagree to that.

Which then got me thinking about blogging with those photographs.

Grin Affair shall be the introductory post to my latest project, ‘Mobile Photography (MP) on AiMakan’. I will try to keep every MP entry, short and sweet. Let’s just hope that happens, alright?

Jody, a self-taught baker and owner came up with this innovative idea of holding her cakes in reused glass jars. It is Eco-friendly (do your part to help save the earth too); crystal-clear (so you can see what’s within) and hey you can enjoy it anywhere, everywhere.
20120706-160904.jpgWith twelve variant flavours and counting (Mango and er, Lychee PassionFruit with sea salt pistachio not shown in this picture); to choose from, you would be spoilt for choice. I know I was.

My curiosity was piqued by the recent hypes on the social networks raving about these charming jars with cupcake liners as lids. Like how curiosity eventually killed the cat, this time it ripped my pocket. I bought six.

After distributing them around the office, I was left with Strawberry and Maron (chestnut). A die-hard Mont Blanc fan like myself will be disappointed with GA’s maron cake, it lacks fragrance from the nut.

I did wonder if its due to the reduced sugar content in producing healthier desserts and if that’s the case, I would withdraw my criticism and compliment Jody instead.

Strawberry was decent, with a tinge of perfumed berry and dairy aroma at every spoonful.
Redeem a jar of cranberries with 20 Grin Affair’s coupons. You will be given one coupon per jar of dessert you purchase and also receive another one when you return a jar.

Which actually means you just have to buy 10 jars of the confection to exchange for those cranberries! Hurray.

I am having mixed feelings for GA but well I would go back for more. Durian and Dark chocolate on the second visit, maybe?

P.S: I was advised to enquire on the availability of several popular choices, the lychee PassionFruit, kiwi and dark chocolate before visiting. Please do so to avoid any letdowns and be assured of a fruitful patronisation, every time.

Address: 3 Everton Park, #01-77A Singapore

Tel: +65 8282 7375

Opening Hours
Mon–Sat: 12pm – 8pm
(Closed on Sun)

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