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Posted on July 10, 2012


Foreign cuisines have always been a major hit in this multi-national country of ours. I hope you ain’t thinking about Japanese food because we will looking at Korean today.

Born and raised in Seoul, the owner; Teddy and his family decided to migrate into our tiny community six years ago.

The desirous craves for homeland fares would normally be the sole reason why migrants would consider initiating a business here, in this F&B competitive island. I wonder if that is the case for Teddy?

Ban Chan for the day.
We had a table setting of 7 cheop which means we were served seven variant side dishes. Just five ban chan away from a korean imperial cuisine, I feel like a royal already because….
of THESE..

There was a ginseng chicken Hotpot sitting somewhere while I took this depiction of our feast. Five ‘scrawny’ girls polished everything! I ended up resting my tummy for the rest of the day and went dinner-less.
Jokbal, Boiled Pork Trotters. ($35/2pax)

Poached in water, this generous portion of the subtle slices received acclamations when it arrived. Deliberately served lightly seasoned, the cuts of trotters were gelatinous and not greasy.

Envelope a piece between a lettuce leaf along with some kimchi, garlic and green chillis and pop it whole into the mouth. The only way to savour it well.

Sample Boneless Fried Chicken. ($20)

Clockwise from left : Yum Yum, Soya Garlic and Original.
A sampler platter with nine chunky golden brown chicken nuggets, some dunked in recipe sauces. Sizzled in canola oil, the three alternative flavoured course was supposedly healthy for diners to indulge without any guilt.

The light and crusty exteriors were a joy to chow down but is only evidently experienced with the original.

My favourite Yum Yum flavour, tasted just as the name suggests; was drenched in a peppery and honeyed dressing. The Soya Garlic was less desirable with a lack of garlicky aroma maybe because I am a garlic fanatic. Dip them in the homemade mustard sauce for a little extra oomph.

La Tofu. ($10)

No Korean meal goes easy with the heat, not even Tofu. Teddy’s personal creation found only in Woori-Nara, simply pan fried beancurd with kimchi.

As the saying goes – “Less is more”, this dish totally portrays it with the most uncomplicated ingredients while packing up a good punch.

Naeng-Myeong, Chilled buckwheat noodles soup ($10).

Bibimbab. ($10)

An infamous staple commonly chosen at any local Korean restaurants. I love my bibimbabs but this in particular, was just fairly done.

I am not sure if its the sauce or the sautéed vegetables or maybe its the egg. It should be a raw egg yolk and not a sunny side up. I insist.

Budae-jjigae, spicy sausage stew ($19, 1-2pax & $32, 3-4pax)

Or better known as Army base stew. This seemingly intimidating concoction comprises of a good amount of instant food. It goes way before our time when the Koreans savaged food from US army bases and put them together during the Korean War. Canned sausages, cheese, spam were incorporated into a kimchi based brew with instant noodles.
Frequently seen only in Korean Dramas, I was thrilled to try it. I have got to say, the soup (key of the whole dish) was nice with a good balance of spiciness and sourness from the kimchi. Fish around the pot for an occasional Ddeok, Korean rice cakes and Odeng, fish cakes as the other familiar ingredients were as per normal.

Haemuljeon, Seafood Pancake. ($12)

Ddeok-boggi, Korean Spicy rice cakes. ($12)
Ginseng Chicken. ($24, 1-2pax)

This cauldron was left abandoned aside, away from the main table. By the time we realised its absence, the stock was slightly reduced and viscous due to the glutinous rice used to stuff the chicken.

My initial perception of ginseng chicken has always been, the bitterness and nothing else. I am glad to say that I was impressed that day. The stew was delicious with a hint of the ginseng and the chicken, tender.

Lunch was exceptionally gratifying with a delightful spread and great company. I would like to thank Teddy for having us and streetdirectory for organising this tasting.

*This is a makan invitation initiated by streetdirectory and Woori-nara*

Address: 19 Lorong Kilat, #01-02 Singapore

Tel: +65 6464 9282

Opening Hours
Mon–Sat: 12pm – 2.30pm
Daily: 5pm – 12am

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