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Posted on July 18, 2012


What is your rendition of a perfect breakfast? If given a choice, where would you bring visitors of the country for a unique experience of a local morning delight?

Apart from having boring cereals or peanut butter and jelly sandwiches at home, I would occasionally pamper myself to a classic Singaporean early meal.

So one laid back morning, CelestialDelish, Celes and CuisineParadise, Ellena decided to meet me for breakfast at Chin Mee Chin.

An all-time favourite, Kaya and butter toasts ($1/pc) are my obligation to order. These candied homemade coconut jam and milky butter on freshly baked buns were scrumptious.

Unlike YaKun’s thinly sliced toasted breads, CMC’s came in soft halved buns. They are the same but yet very different, do you get what I mean?

Half boiled eggs ($0.80/egg).

At 80-cents per egg, it was a total rip-off but I did expect it to be that way. There is always a ‘price’ to pay when you get too lazy at times.
20120717-200734.jpgHere is my personal practice when having these.

Normally two eggs are served, break one yolk while slurping down the other whole. Dip Kaya toasts in the other intentionally damaged egg mixture and savour it slowly. Mama mia~

Eyeing on something special on this table?

Tell me you are looking at the exact few goodies I am about to zoom into……

The Cream Cone ($1.20), Egg Tart ($0.90) and Cream Puff ($0.90).

I felt nostalgic while munching on these pastries. The tart was decent with an eggy fragrance and a well-executed buttery base. Custard puff however, did not win me over. I prefer cream in it rather than the old school filling.

20120717-222000.jpgThe cream in those cones should also be in that puff, it would have been perfect that way. For me at least. The layered pastries were filled with generous amount of rich cream and I only managed to have a third of that dessert. How unfortunate, yes.

It was fun breakfast-ing with fellow foodies like these two crazy ladies but I was upset with just one.. ONE issue, that day. The beverages they serve were unacceptable as the coffee ($1), tea ($1) and milo ($1.20) were tasteless. They could have been a little more reasonable with their mixes.

(P/S: MP is a new project I came up with to promote blogging with mobile phones. Check the details out on my Grin Affair’s post.)

Address: 204 East Coast Road, Singapore

Opening Hours
Tue–Sun: 8am – 4.30pm
(Closed on Mondays)

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