Singapore Food Festival @ MBS Waterfront (Ended)

Posted on July 19, 2012


This year’s theme for the annual Singapore Food Festival (SFF) is “Seafood, Tales of Temasek.”

There is no doubts that our country is famous for a number of delectable Seafood dishes. Chilli Crabs, Black Pepper Crabs, Otahs, BBQ stingrays; just listing a few to get you familiarised.

SFF 2012 kicked off on the 13th of July and will last for a series of ten day ending on the 22nd of July.

This Singapore Food Festival Village is opened from 11am to 11pm daily.

You will see a gathering of familiar faces as you advance around the event hall. If you are oblivious about what I really mean, let me do a short explanation.

There are a handful of restaurants whom you might recognise. Seafood Paradise, Resort World Sentosa, Westlake (I reviewed the place sometime ago.) and maybe others as well. Now you get it?
Old House.

Originated from 25 Neil Road, Old house specialises in nostalgic delicacies from Melaka like Lok Lok and several Tze char dishes, Old House style.

Since the topic of SFF 2012 is ‘Seafoods’, they decided to offer a few of their other exclusive fares. Old House Huge Prawn Noodles, Dinosaur Prawn Noodles ($20/25) and the peculiar White Lor Mee.
THE dinosaur prawns. Raw and not kicking, yet I wish they were.
20120718-143954.jpgOld House Big Prawn Noodles ($8).

White Lor Mee ($8).

I have had Pu Tien’s renditions countless of times, the new chain and also the initiating eatery. This one that we had, tasted different. The broth was flavourful infused with the essences of the seafoods used.

Char Kuey Teow, RWS style ($6).

Frankly-speaking, you would be able to get a better plateful with a more generous portion elsewhere.

The only single amazement was the piece of fried pig fat or what we normally call it, Bak You Pok. It was not a morsel but a huge chunk unlike any normal servings. (Did you notice the golden cube conveniently resting on the right side of the most prominent prawn, is almost 3/4 the size of that shrimp?)20120718-144810.jpgSeafood Paradise.
20120718-070846.jpgSeafood Platter with Signature Cream Crab ($36.90++)

Would you just take a look at the display portion?
20120718-070852.jpgAnd now glimpse at this take-away helping.

For the longest time, I have been adoring Seafood Paradise’s crabs. The cream based are the best with a spicy tang of crushed black pepper corns in the sauce. Submerge the mini crispy mantou provided, in the peppery dip and remember to lick those fingers!

On a side, Jumbo sized prawns were de-shelled, cooked and dunk in a bed of Ham Tan (salted egg yolk mixture). They were heavenly.

Ming Lang.

BBQ Squids ($8/skewer).

Eight whole dollars for a stick and BBQ-ready sotong (squid) parts. Ridiculous. I would prefer getting that Char Kuey Teow (RWS) with a two dollars return, at least it satiates me.
Meet Melicacy, my fellow blogger buddy. There was CelestialDelish too, another foodie blogger who invited us to this tasting.


Grab a NETS flashpay card at the NETS booth and get a 20% off instantly, at all participating stalls.

But let’s face it, this event still seemed to be meant solely for tourists. Hiking up the price like that, is insane. Do not risk experimenting on too many stalls as you might not be able to build up a tummy and yet obtain a barren pocket.

Just FOUR MORE DAYS to attend! Excited much? Not really~

*At this tasting, food sampled were in courtesy of Openrice.*

Location : Waterfront promenade at Marina Bay.

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