#CookForFamily Tiramisu Recipe

Posted on August 6, 2012


Daniel’s food diary, a fellow food blogger had taken time off his hectic schedule and initiated a bloggers’ campaign “CookForFamily”. With no strings attached, this drive was intended to promote home cooking and bonding with the family.

More than a hundred Bloggers joined in the fun and you bet AiMakan is one of them and here we are, my first official recipe entry.

AiMakan’s Quick non-alcoholic Tiramisu Recipe

Serves 6

LadyFingers 12 pieces
Mascarpone cheese 500g tub
Nescafé coffee 1/2 drinking cup
Sugar 3 tbsp
Icing sugar 4-6 tbsp
Unsweetened Cocoa powder 2-3 tbsp
vanilla essence/powder 1 tsp

No raw egg yolks and spirits are used in this recipe. You could add in a little liquor if you wish.

Pour coffee into a shallow dish. Set aside.
Sieve icing sugar and vanilla powder into a large bowl, add in mascarpone cheese and whip the mixture together with an electric beater. Set aside.
add in 4 tbsp of icing sugar first and taste. If you want a sweeter mix, just add in more sugar.
Dip ladyfingers into coffee, make sure it is only half soaked (do not dunk in entirely unless you want a soggy and bitter cake base) and lay them in six individual plastic containers.
you may conveniently get the containers with lids at any supermarkets.
Spoon the mascarpone mix over the moist fingers and spread evenly.
Sieve unsweetened cocoa powder over cheese generously.
Repeat layers starting with the fingers and cover with the lids available once you are done.
Chill and serve after an hour.

20120805-220246.jpgTADAH! Fast and hassle-free (almost) tiramisu.

The ladyfingers are not easily available and Mascarpone cheese can be rather pricey at times. Just for your information, I got mine at a wholesale mart (Foodies Market Place, 225 Outram Road Tiong Bahru Estate) at $7 for the ladyfingers (a pack of 48 pieces) and $10.80 (normal price, $15 per tub) for a 500g tub of mascarpone cheese.

My family members and friends adored the tiramisu and were shocked at how quick it was done under. 10 to 15 minutes is all it actually takes when you have all the ingredients available.

Thank you for checking out AiMakan’s very first dessert recipe and hope it does taste good!

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