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Posted on August 10, 2012


This intended entry was supposed to be up as a sequel right after the post on Irvin’s Live Seafood House. My latest writeup on my personal tiramisu recipe overwrote this as it was due for the #cookforfamily initiative I participated.20120804-102338.jpgLeban HongKong cafe is situated just alongside Irvin’s and it was established supposedly as an enhancement to the main restaurant’s dessert-less menu.20120807-190343.jpgThis casual diner caters to a younger crowd as compared to its sister eatery. A dainty environment with a much vibrant interior, a crowd pleaser indeed.

The Sun Fried Ice Cream, $4.00.

There was a time when a rage occurred on this dessert. I never understood how the warm, frozen confection came about but it was enticing.20120804-103534.jpgDraped with a coat of batter, the New Zealand natural ice cream was deep fried with a crisp exterior and an icy cold internal.

Choose between the five various flavours they offer, matcha; vanilla; strawberry; chocolate and cookies & cream. 20120807-194028.jpg

Affagato, $4.80.

Italian for ‘drowned’, Affagato is a coffee-based beverage which usually takes the form of a scoop of vanilla ice cream topped over a shot of hot espresso.

I have never been a fan of coffee so I decided to stay neutral on this.

Savoury French Toast Bites with Ice Cream, $4.90

20120807-202531.jpgBite size pieces of French toasts golden on the outside and smeared with peanut butter on the inside. They could have been more generous with the PB like how it had been with that hill of vanilla ice cream.20120809-194601.jpgLeban HK cafe closes at 2am which is great for youngsters who love to stay out late and ‘chil-lax’ (chill & relax). With most of the appetisers, mains and desserts costing below $10, you would be spoilt for choice.

If you do visit this establishment, Quote “Funky Food” and be entitled to a free scoop of ice cream.

*This is an tasting invitation initiated by Irvin’s and Leban HK cafe.*

Address : No.2 Jalan Leban Upper Thomson Singapore 577547

Tel : +65 6257 8801

Opening hours:
4pm to 2am

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