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Posted on August 12, 2012


I would dare to proclaim that this entry could be the best one I have ever had, in terms of photography. I did wonder if it’s due to the guidance of Daniel who yet again brought me along for a tasting.20120807-230128.jpgNegligent about what would be going to go into my tummy thereafter, we arrived at Level 4 of Bugis+ (the former Iluma adjacent to the ever bustling Bugis street) where Poulét, the ThaiExpress Concept group’s latest contemporary launch is housed.

They had strategised with an semi-open concept kitchen and a pretended al fresco dining layout to mimic a chic French ambience.

20120802-161703.jpgSalad de Paris, $9.80.

Having had something similar in his days in Washington DC, the chef recreated his own rendition with a mix of olives, cranberries and pine nuts.

Draped with a French dressing with apricot jam, the finely shredded greens was one of a kind. A fuss-free salad convenient for ladies without having huge leaves slapping over the face.

French onion Soup, $5.80.

The brew was dense and with a ‘ton’ of caramelised onions at every mouthful, you are surely getting your money’s worth.

Using a similar oxtail broth which they conveniently concoct every other day, you get a slight glutinous consistency from the oxtail and a good substantial soup. I was however, a little overwhelmed by the saltiness that it carried and was glad that it was shared between three.

20120807-230059.jpgEscargot de Bourgogne, $8.80.

Poulét Roti. (Half, $15.80. Whole, $28.80)

Having had their signature poulet chicken both in the cream gravy and without, I was mesmerised by either.

The poached then roasted bird was full of flavour even when consumed on its own, juicy and palatable. Dip a piece in the luscious cream sauce, it would aid in balancing the saltiness and thus achieving a much lighter taste. Fascinating.

Oxtail, $15.80

Braised in the oxtail stew for over 8 hours and left overnight for the gravy to sit back into the meat.

The meat was fork tender, intensely perfumed by the liquors added within.

Tiramisu, $7.80

The chef calls this a stubborn dessert as one ingredient used disallow it to be left overnight and has to be made daily.

The raw egg yolk and mascarpone cheese mix was yummy when spooned together with espresso and rum soaked fingers.

Caramelised apple tart, $7.80

A slight resemblance to Portuguese egg tart puffy exterior, this alternative twist was even better.

Sweet and tarty, the dessert was unexpectedly light compared to the tiramisu.

Banana bread and butter pudding, $6.80

A banana fanatic like moi would adore this pudding. It might not be as whelming as the other two we had, I did like how compact it actually tasted.

The pleasant aroma of the specifically chosen ripen fruit at every spoonful.
20120807-230121.jpgThis is Chef Nelson Chua, the brain behind the establishment. A veteran in the industry, he was trained in France before returning to the local scene with ideas of his own.

I was amazed by the marked down of fares that they have imposed as most options were priced below $20. Despite that, the food served are not compromised in taste and quality. Please do stay that way, Poulét and you will definitely go far with me as a regular patron as well.

*This makan invitation was initiated by Poulét/ThaiEXPRESS group, thanks Chef Nelson and Chantel for having us. Most of all, Thank you Daniel for bringing me along*

Address: 201 Victoria Street, Level 4 Bugis+

Tel: +65 6509 9411

Opening Hours:
Daily 10am-10pm

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