Ice Cream Mooncakes @ Häagen-Dazs

Posted on August 22, 2012


Strawberry Chocolate with Strawberry Ice Cream – $24

The Mooncake Festival is just around the corner and like most Traditional food, Restaurants have improvised and made the confection contemporary.

Apart from the classic baked, the snow skin renditions have made their way into the hearts of consumers and has since became a necessary choice.

Milk Chocolate with Vanilla Ice Cream – $24

Originated from Hong Kong, HäagenDazs introduced the ice cream Mooncakes which are now also readily available in most Asian countries where the public celebrates the festival.

20120820-102523.jpgDark Chocolate with Chocolate Ice Cream – $24

This year, the all-time favourite ice cream parlour chain unveils a gorgeous range of four distinctive mooncake flavours.

Strawberry Chocolate
White Chocolate
Dark Chocolate
Milk Chocolate

Each bearing personalities of their own with particular chocolate shells coated over luscious ice creams, crispy praline base and a refreshing mango sorbet ‘yolk’.

20120820-094523.jpgSampling portions.

I adored these morsels as I do have sensitive teeth. The icy coldness of the desserts were unbearable after several bites, but well at least I managed to taste them all.20120820-102603.jpg

White Chocolate with Cookies & Cream Ice Cream – $24

Pardon the awful picture of this dissected mooncake. We had problems obtaining a clean cut of the almost rock-hard confection and this was actually the best we managed.

I fell for strawberry chocolate which was surprisingly the least candied. The chocolate and dark chocolate was pretty average, whereas the white choclate with cookies and cream ice cream would have been popular among the kiddies.

Frankly-speaking, the tags of the ice cream mooncakes are worth a careful ponder before reaching out to the wallet though a once-in-a blue moon indulgence should be fine.

HäagenDazs, 13 Outlets island-wide.

Limited period offer runs from 1st Aug till 30th Sept.

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