Bobby’s @ Chijmes

Posted on August 25, 2012


Most business owners would name their firms after themselves. But not Bobby’s.

It was fascinating to learn that the Indonesian Indian partners took up the name after an encounter with a particular friendly policeman (known as Bobbies) in London. 20120815-154848.jpgThis humble establishment already owns two separate outlets, one in Chijmes and the other in Cuppage.


20120815-160923.jpgWe were invited to the one in Chijmes, located at the basement of the premises. Walking down a long flight of stairs from the outdoor atrium of the main level, Bobby’s stood there pretty in green on the left.
20120815-160930.jpgSee the pretty lady in pink in this photo? That’s Grace, a fellow blogger buddy who invited me over with her for the tasting. Thanks dear.
20120815-154911.jpgBobby’s is more than just your regular family restaurant.

20120815-154903.jpgDine, chill, relax and have a great night out with the buddies over a bucket of boozes and maybe the occasional sports LIVE telecasts.
20120815-155023.jpgA perfect starter to dinner or just a light snack with a bottle of chilled brew, this platter of freshly sizzled calamaris (Lunch promotion, $10.95. Ala Carte, $15.95.) is definitely a wise choice anytime.

Diced into elongated cubes rather than the common ring, the golden tidbits were lightly battered and nicely fried with no excess oil lingering.
20120815-154839.jpgAn unfamiliar serving of Potato Skins; $18.95, yes your eyes have not gone bonkers; you have seen it right. (the damage is great, for a dozen that probably adds up to only a potato.)

They taste a lot like wedges but with the peels still on, nothing out of the ordinary really.

Bobby’s Fish & Chips.
(Lunch Promotion, $10.95. Ala Carte, $24.95.)

20120819-050721.jpgA pair of substantial fillets of the fresh catches doused in the Chef’s homemade batter, dunk into boiling oil and frizzled till perfection.

Every piece was delicate when hacked apart with the side of a fork, along with a light crisp at every single attempt. I recommend taking advantage of the lunch promotion and give this a try, it really is a steal.
20120815-154934.jpgWith various portion sizes to choose from, do consider whether you would prefer feasting these alone or with company. I would suggest the latter.

The Lighter Appetite – $32.95
The Original Portion – $38.95
The ‘Steel City’ Rack – $40.95

The in-house specialty were slow grilled till each piece flake-off-the-bones. Generously glazed with their special BBQ sauce, enjoy licking off your fingers when you use them to conveniently tear the ribs apart.

Spaghetti Carbonara
(Lunch Promotion, $10.95. Ala Carte, $23.95.)


The highlight of the meal was this towering dessert that was jam-packed with calories.

The Chocolate Volcano, $13.95 comprises of a staggering lump of normal and chocolate whipped cream over vanilla ice cream and a warm chocolate brownie. I was in food coma after this whooping confection that I skipped dinner.

I was browsing through their menus from both joints and realised there is a slight price variance of the two. Cuppage is slightly cheaper, probably due to the location. I would however, still prefer to revisit Bobby’s at Chijmes but only during lunch hours.

*This invitation was initiated by Bobby’s, thanks Grace for bringing me along and Judy for having us.

Address: 30 Victoria Street, #B1-03 Chijmes Fountain Court, Singapore

Tel: +65 6337 5477

Opening Hours
Sun–Tue: 12pm – 12am
Wed–Sat: 12pm – 2am