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Posted on September 23, 2012


I had my 21st Birthday celebration in Plaza Brasserie and I’m thrilled to be back, a good couple of years or two later. Now you know how old I really am, or do you?

My impression of dining areas at a buffet is the tight seating layout, in order to achieve maximum capacity.

At Plaza Brasserie however, the furnitures are adequately spaced out. Consumers would not be disturbed by the neighbours’ occasional bumps and shifts.
20120918-185129.jpgThis is my second buffet entry since the probably long forgotten the Square in Novotel Hotel. If you do remember or you could sneak a peek if you don’t, I stated that I would be impressed if there are any fascinating diversity done to the dishes offered.

Would you readers help determine if I was indeed charmed that night?

Plaza Brasserie has consistently been launching pleasing themes like The Crab Fiesta and the current, Flavours of Thailand which is ongoing till the end of October.

A vast amount of Thai cuisine with a blend of great flavours awaits.

Thai Fish Cakes.

As we advanced through an array of appetisers, I laid my eyes on these orderly stacked tasty patties. I wished I could bring some home, along with those dainty dinnerwares.

Thai Prawn on Toast.

Non greasy petite canapés that got me going back for more.

Beef Kway Teow

Bearing great resemblance to Phở (Vietnamese Beef Noodles), the bowl of rice noodles was immersed in some well-concocted broth.

I do not usually recommend consuming too much carbohydrates at a buffet but this is worth a try.


Catch of the day

Pick out the freshest from a selection of fishes available; Promfret, Sea Bass, Kee Fish and Tilapia.

Then allow Chef Jackson Goh to cook them up in any of the variant ways provided; Spicy Thai Lime and Chilli, Thai Green Curry, Thai Red Curry or Basil in Coconut Cream.

Sea bass, Basil in Coconut cream.

You will not go wrong with this choiced order. They went together impeccably, the sauce was flavourful and the fish was cooked perfectly.

Sea bass, Spicy Thai Lime and Chilli.

A taste of Thailand, literally.

Promfret, Thai Green Curry

The worst combination ever. Period.

Catch of the day is available from Monday to Thursday only, excluding eve of public holidays and on public holidays.
20120915-210345.jpgOysters, considerably shacked on the spot as utmost a dozen would be left exposed over the bed of ice.

Banana Fritters.

Desserts at long last!

A Thai rendition of the local Goreng Pisang, crisp and mushy goodness. Pair with scoops of vanilla ice cream and you have yourself an extraordinary Banana Spilt.
20120915-205945.jpgThere is nothing like a fudge-y slice of chocolate cake to end the day with but wait, there’s more.

Assorted Kueh Kuehs.


Glutinous Rice with Durian Paste.


Tissue Prata.

A myriad of ala minute pratas ranging from the savoury traditional plain to sugary dessert ones like Durian and Chocolate.


An uncommon sight probably unique to Plaza Brasserie. The distinguished corner comes with a professional chef, who would flip the dough right in front of you and serve piping hot Pratas.

The options of the buffet were not extensive though with the mandatory sashimi, chilled seafoods, cheeses, roasts etc (not shown in pictures). Attack those oysters, Catch of day and the seafoods to make your money’s worth.

Flavours of Thai runs from now till 31st of October 2012.

Dinners (Daily) : Adult $52++ Child $31++

*This tasting was initiated by Karen and Plaza Brasserie. Thank you for your kind hospitality.*

Address: 7500A Beach Road, PARKROYAL on Beach Road, Singapore

Tel: +65 6505 5710

Opening Hours
Daily: 6am – 12midnight

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