Hard Rock Cafe @ Cuscaden Road

Posted on September 28, 2012


I have been to countless Hard Rock Cafes all around the world but I must confess, it was my first having a real meal in-house.

It might have seemed peculiar to you, however their merchandises were much more appealing to me then.
20120923-083805.jpgThe whole rock and roll vibe could be seen all around the restaurant.

Even the beer dispensers are equipped to fit the theme. How cool is that?


Seafood Platter ($28++)

A recent launched menu, Sea of Love is out to gratify all Seafood Lovers with a collection of four entrees.

Seafood Platter, Chilli Crab Spaghetti, Crispy Sea Bass and Crab fried rice.

Chilli Crab Dip with mini fried mantous ($15). ala-carte

A fuss-free rendition of the all-time local favourite, Chilli Crabs. This dismisses the ceaseless concerns of getting the hands dirty while allowing maximum enjoyment.

Chilli Crab Spaghetti ($26).

If you wish for something more hefty for the stomach, opt for this instead. The chef adopted the dip as a sauce and tossed it over the pasta.

You are a tourist who is no dare-devil when it comes to satisfying your palates, give this a shot. You are singaporean, skip it.


Crispy Sea bass ($26).


Crab Fried Rice ($20).

I bet you could imagine my expression when I learnt that we were having Fried Rice at Hard Rock cafe. This is no ordinary Nasi Goreng, it is Crab Fried Rice held in a dainty omelette container.

At $20 a dollop, I expected a tourist’s trap but instead was taken aback after my first mouthful. It was tasty. A portion with generous and fresh ingredients, well prepared over a wok and good fire.

Fish & Chips ($26). ala-carte

This local favourite of the western, British cuisine was made slightly different from the usual we know. The regular Dory was omitted and opted for fillets of sea bass instead.

The meats were slightly procrastinating on the teeth unlike the usual mellow texture I was used to.


Mac’n Cheese with chicken ($26). ala-carte

I have been craving this MnC since I had it that day. How could a dish this simple be that good? I shall rest my case, even when the serving is a bloody $26 each and not forgetting the 7% GST and 10% service charge.

A waitress with her uniform and awesome badges!

I would love to like Hard Rock Cafe for their ambience, atmosphere and food with just one issue, the damage..

*This is an invitation made possible by my fellow friend celestialdelish and initiated by Natalie & HRC. Thank you for having us that day*

Address: 50 Cuscaden Road, #02-01/03-01 HPL House, Singapore

Tel: +65 6235 5232

Opening Hours

Sun–Thu: 11am – 1am
Fri–Sat: 11am – 3am

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