Nyonya Food Affair @ Buffet Town

Posted on October 18, 2012


I have been piling on the pounds lately. You should be able to understand why if you have been actively following me on Instagram (@aimakan), where I showcase almost instant depictions of my meals.20121004-233432.jpgSeptember had been a hectic month for me; attending tastings, working as usual but most importantly, celebrating my Birthday with so many awesome people in my life. That should explain my totally avoidable mass gain.

Tasting at a buffet is never a good thing, especially when you already have a hefty figure. Like me…

20121002-195341.jpgBuffet Town has launched a limited period ‘Nyonya Food Affair’ which runs from now till the end of October. More varieties at the same reasonable price, hurray!

20121002-195325.jpgSeating Capacity : 450.
Ample space for a hungry crowd.

20121002-195249.jpgA decent corner set aside for the special theme.


Kueh Pie Tees and Dry Mee Siam.

I have a soft spot for these cup-like treats. I like them better than their cousin, the Popiah.

The turnips and carrots were finely stripped, steamed then stir-fried. The fillings were nicely done, paired well with the fried edible containers.

Nyonya Chendol

This devilish dessert is definitely not a local rendition as it carries large kidney beans instead of the familiar red beans, more likely from Malaysia. I wonder if the head chef is actually a Malaysian, how I wished I asked.

I like how generous they were with the coconut milk and ingredients, as a Chendol lover I give it a good thumbs up.


20121004-175927.jpgI was on cloud nine. The rare white tuna, salmon and amebi sashimi, sliced ala-minute. What more could we ask for?


20121004-175859.jpgThe oysters were supposed to be the highlight of the evening, I had expectations for it since I could easily consume a mean two dozens at buffets.

A total letdown as the ones I had were too salty. Let’s just hope it was just mine that were too briny to consume.

Wagyu beef.

Tell me that you prefer having medium well-done to well-done steaks and I would have given you a hard glare. Top quality beef have to be savoured in their best doneness, medium rare.

20121004-175917.jpgI was elated when I saw the steak slices ‘bleeding’ right in front of me. Friends call me Vampire, for obvious reasons which I am proud of. 😄

You knew I enjoyed my fair share even without explaining too much.


Beancurd aka Dou Hua.

Expect the infamous Lao Ban kind and you will be disappointed. It was interesting how a buffet includes traditional beancurd as one of their fares. Not bad.



Unashamed as always, I asked for a freshly done and piping hot helping. The normal serving size is a quarter wedge, jilted in the chilly environment.

Thrust a bountiful serving of butter on the heated surface and wait for it to melt. Ahhhh~

Hi little lobster. Hope I still see you the next time I visit. Muahaha.

Prices as above.

I apologise for the poor introduction of the key affair as I was rather obsessed with the rest of the spread that I decided to review the ones that were worthy of a bite or two.

I would visit this humble buffet again on occasions when I have a huge craving for Sashimis.

Address : Raffles City, #B1-44E
252 North Bridge Road.

Tel : (+65) 6837 3793

Operating Hour :
11.30am to 3pm daily (Last order at 2.30pm)
6pm to 10.30pm daily (Last order at 9.30pm)