Backyard @ Minden Road

Posted on October 26, 2012


The former Botak’s Backyard by Botak Jones enterprise is now taken over by a loving couple duo naming it, Backyard.
20121019-225309.jpgThis considerably 100 percent Al Fresco dining restaurant is conveniently surrounded by natural unkempt backwoods, just like a Backyard.20121019-152031.jpg

20121019-152045.jpgNicely chalked on a blackboard are the promotions, activities and performances available.

Happy Hour ALL DAY.
Mondays Free Corkage.
Tuesdays 20% off all Steaks
Fridays Live jamming from 7.30pm till late.
Sundays BBQ cookout all day.
Beer promotions.


Mushroom soup. ($6.30)

Generous doses of assorted fungi and cream. It was a substantial brew but as I advanced to the next forth to fifth spoonfuls, the initially tasteful soup became flat and jelat.

An awesome blend that can be shared between two to three friends. 20121019-131541.jpg

Ayam Goreng Kunyit ($2.10/pc).

The boss always loved how the Malays in malaysia cook their wings, Kunyit style. The fragrant blend of spices marinated into the meats was pleasing for someone who adores Malay cuisines like myself.

Consistency is key when it comes to fried items like these. The wings were done well during our visit, let’s just hope it stays the way it was. Give their BBQ wings a try too, quite well worth the calories.20121017-201946.jpg

Spam Fries. ($9.80)

I was oblivious of this dish until I pop one into my mouth that day. The word Spam is shortened by Spiced ham and in Asia it is commonly known as Luncheon meat.

Chopped into thick strips, battered and fried. This indifferent portion of ‘fries’ dipped in the wasabi mayonnaise provided was love at first bite. Pricey though if you consider it as some cheap tinned proceeded meat.20121017-185322.jpg

Trio of Mini Burgers. ($19.80)

A hearty starter, enough to be an entree. Beefy patty topped off with streaky bacon and cheddar, over a bed of crisp vegetables.

I would however, prefer a more satiated meal and one that is less damaging to my wallet.


Dressed Up Dog ($14.80)

A bulky sausage and cheese over layers of bacon and vegetables, capped off with a beautiful sunny side up all on a lovely longish bun. You can definitely imagine the taste of this dog, a sumptuous brunch anytime.

US Black Angus Prime Ribeye 250g ($45.80)

It would be great to have this on Tuesdays as you get a whole 20% off.

At 250grams, I would prefer if the chef kept it thick instead of flat like this, losing most of the fluid in the midst of cooking. The slab was alright as we asked for medium rare for doneness, thank god. I liked the truffle salt that was given to pair, you can also choose blue cheese ($2.30), sauteed onions ($1.20) or sauteed shitake ($2.80) as toppings with your steak.

Honey Walnut Panna Cotta. ($7.30)

I never knew how panna cotta should taste like. We get a few variations in the country so I got confused. I really like Backyard’s rendition though.

Affogato ($7.30)

Coffee and vanilla ice cream. I am no coffee lover so it just taste like any other Affogato, I shall not comment too much on this.
20121019-133834.jpgThe three food bloggers, Melissa, Jasper and I completed the whole dinner in 4 hours, feasting till the sun set. The company of the owners, Han and Valerie and their grubs were equally enjoyable, thank you for having us.

*This food tasting is initiated by Han, Valerie and Jerome*

Address : 130E Minden Road Singapore 248819

Tel : +65 64790388

Opening Hours:
Daily: 11am to 12am

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