Pizza4U @ Sunset Way (Halal)

Posted on November 6, 2012


Apart from pizza chains like the reputable ‘Hut’, there are numerous solitary joints like Pizza4U which I favour. 20121105-211003.jpgI totally dig dining in these establishments, the prevailing mood of the environments are usually homely and cozy as shown in the photo below.

The outlet is lightly spruced up with contrasted yellow and blue furnishings, nostalgically attractive.

The distinctly displayed outlook and atmosphere of Pizza4U does show how it is a humble family business.


Chicken Wings, 3 for $5.

We kicked off the dinner with some piping hot fried chicken wings. Deeply marinated and seasoning coated, the meat was cooked till golden brown and ‘falling of the bones’ tenderness.

I may not be a fan of deep fried goodies but these were about to win my heart over.

20121105-210123.jpgSimply Cheese, $15.60nett (Regular, 10″) & $20.50nett (Large, 12″). OR 2 Regular for $22nett & 2 Large for $28nett.

It’s just cheeses actually, mozzarella and Parmesan over a bed of chunky Tomato base. As classic as the name suggests.

Their pizzas are lean crusted with almost negligible burnt sides which is just awesome as I loathe bulky and doughy ends.

20121105-210057.jpgSmoked Duck with Egg, $17.60nett (Regular, 10″) & $23.50nett (Large, 12″). OR 2 Regular for $25nett & 2 Large for $32.50nett.

My favourite of the lot. This recent inclusion to the Gourmet clique was quaint yet pleasing. It is distinctive as compared to the familiar Timbre’s, no roasted duck in Hoisin sauce here.

As a rookie in the menu, please do not expect finger-licking goodness. Think mild smoked and unique flavours, still room for improvements definitely.

20121105-210116.jpgSeafood Special, $17.60nett (Regular, 10″) & $23.50nett (Large, 12″). OR 2 Regular for $25nett & 2 Large for $32.50nett.

Mr Frosty, $17.60nett (Regular, 10″) & $23.50nett (Large, 12″). OR 2 Regular for $25nett & 2 Large for $32.50nett.

Chicken Ham and turkey bacon showered with Chicken floss. Considering the dried shredded cotton-like meat as one of our local delicacies, it is not peculiar to see them on the Italian invention as a Singaporean novelty. Fairly pleasant.

Apart from their dine-in outlet in Sunset way, Pizza4U like most of their competitions; manages deliveries as well. Terms & Conditions apply.
Call, 67778998 OR SMS, 82222448.

*This is an tasting initiated by Pizza4U.* Thank you for the inviting hospitality, Pearlynn and family. It was a gratifying and nifty visit, I am sure to stop by again soon.

Address : Blk 109 Clementi Sunset Way, #01-43.