Canadian Pizza @ Jalan Kayu (Halal)

Posted on November 17, 2012


No Singaporean should be unfamiliar with Canadian pizza and their established 2-for-1 promotions.

Frankly speaking, I have not been much of a fan when it comes to their pizzas but there are occasional munches as friends or colleagues prefer the reasonable tabs.20121001-003005.jpgI was rather taken aback by the fact that I had absolutely no idea of their standalone restaurant that serves more than just their 2-for-1s.

This flagship store is located along a string of bustling bistros, cafes and a couple of renowned Indian Prata shops.


Smoke Salmon Salad, $8.80.

The oozing yolk from the soft boiled egg looked real captivating on the plate. I would prefer to stay neutral when it comes to talking about taste, salad is just salad in this case.

Assorted soups, $4.50 each.

Not exactly looking forward to the dishes to come as I had lower expectations for the place, pardon me. The chef blew me away with his culinary skills, these soups were delicious.

Breaded Cheesy Chicken Cutlet, $13.90

Anything cheesy goes into the favourites list but this dish fell short somehow or other. The chicken fillet was a little overdone, I like my meat tender and juicy.

The problem lies on either the piece of chicken or the chef or me being difficult. Let’s just say we were unlucky that day.

Lamb Shank

I would look like one strong female barbarian holding on to a mean looking shank. I have always had a soft spot for lamb shanks anywhere I go which is not unusual why we had this in the first place.

Canadian did it pretty well, there was hardly any gaminess which I did not enjoy. (okay, let’s accept the fact that I am a freak when it comes to my peculiar interests toward exotic foods.)

Beef bourguignon

A new creation, a new sensation. An entree that looks more like a braised beef stew, chinese styled with button mushrooms and vegetables. I did not fancy this Bourguignon but I must say it was fairly executed.

Fish and Chips, $12.80.


Apple Crumble with ice cream.

Always end a meal with something sweet and always remember that regardless of how filled you already are, you would still be able to stuff in a dessert or two. AiMakan’s favourite phrase.

I adore crumbles, made with lots and lots of butter. Canadian’s rendition was alright, just not well enough for my demanding palates.

Surprisingly, it was a fruitful trip to Canadian with undoubted hits and misses. Chef noted our humble opinions and I would not hesitate to revisit the restaurant with my Muslim friends in the near future. Stay alive Canadian Pizza’s first dine-in, I know you can survive through the tides.

Address : 248 Jalan Kayu
Tel : 6556 3587

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