Kyushu Gourmet Experience @ Japanese Dining SUN

Posted on December 10, 2012


The next place I am eager to fly to is Japan. Believe it or not, I have never been to the country even when I am a major fanatic for their cuisines.

Kyushu is the third largest island in Japan and call me KuKu (ignorant) or something but I did not manage to recognise the name right away. I am more familiar with the commonly visited Tokyo and Hokkaido.20121121-032525.jpgI can’t get to the country anytime soon so the next thing I could actually do is to… savour the Kyushu cuisine Japanese Dining SUN is offering.

Mentai Salmon Takana Roll ($18.80)

We commenced the feast with a relatively light starter. Common maki wrapped with raw salmon and tangy mustard leaves topped with puny chilli slices and spicy seasoned roes. Interesting yet decent enough.

Kurobuta Gyoza ($9.80)

I had mixed feelings for these Berkshire Pork filled dumplings. Supposedly moist and succulent, it fell short somewhere. The stuffings were scanty, they could have been more generous.

The bite-size morsels were easy to pop into the mouth and thus I downed more than a couple.

Tonkotsu Takana Ramen ($11.80)

The first action when a bowl of noodles arrived, dunk in and slurp a spoonful of soup. There are two important points for good ramen, a delectable broth base and of course, springy strands of dough.

I wouldn’t say SUN’s was divine but it was rather gratifying.

Nori Udon (price unknown)

Soba? ChaSoba? Nah.

I am absolutely clueless why this is udon when it looks like soba. My impression of Udon are white, thick and substantial while the ones set before me were a dirty green and slim. Made of seaweed (nori), the noodles were chewy and oh so slimy. I enjoyed my fair share of the fascinating fare.


Kinmedai & Mentai Chazuke ($15.80)


Yamecha Roll Cake ($5.80)

Green tea roll with a generous vanilla cream centre and a side of Azuki beans (red beans). I like how lavish the slab of cream is, with visible specks of vanilla beans. The matcha infused cake blends well with the rich centre and beans, a perfect symphony to end the meal with.


Tofu Cheese Cake ($6.50)

Where is my cage?

If you have been to Sun With Moon in wheelock; the sister store Japanese Dining Sun, you would not be oblivious about the legendary tofu cheese cake. They are served in a bird cage, how quaint right?

That aside, the cheese cake is yum as always.

Momo Jam Chiffon Cake ($6.50)

The peach jam satiated confection was exceptionally soft and moist. I despise chiffons that are dry and brittle, they should be airy and cushy just like the ones we had at SUN. A big thumbs up.

Thanks to Daniel for bringing me along for a Kyushu experience in SUN and now I am dying to go to the actual place myself.

*This is a tasting initiated by Japanese Dining SUN and i was brought along by Daniel, thanks again*

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