Boxing Crab @ Siloso Sentosa

Posted on December 16, 2012


No Singaporean should be unfamiliar with this reputable brand, Food Junction Holdings Limited.

And yes, this Boxing Crab belongs to them. Don’t the mascot look adorable with the gloves?
20121118-143336.jpgApart from several flourishing food courts in the suburb areas, Food Junction enjoys venturing out of its comfort zones to surprise us all.

It ain’t easy moving out from their usual domain to a more sophisticated seafood restaurant. Impressive.
20121212-205449.jpgThe 250-seaters eatery; which includes indoors and alfresco dining, is a new addition to the Sentosa family. They serve an array of noteworthy crustacean dishes like Pumpkin crabs and Soya milk lobsters.

Getting spurred up and on edge? Let’s get started.


Super Smoothie. ($7)

I kicked off the day with a substantial dose of bananas, yogurt and wheat germ. This beverage could totally pull off as an energy drink with an overload of carbohydrates aka banana and wheat.

If you wish for something sweet and rich yet light on the tummy (yogurt), request for this.

Otah Otah Cigar ($12)

I have had fried popiahs many times but never something so peculiar yet familiar.

Chilled Silken Tofu with Bonito and Century Egg ($8)


Charcoal Grilled Snapper ($28)

I was brought along by the Melissa, whom you readers should not oblivious about, to this tasting as a plus one. The dear girl is a cat! She loves fish so much, I could only manage to snatch the eyes (my favourite, btw). Just kidding la and I am pretty sure she would not do that to me, Sompa (swear).

The snapper was lightly seasoned and grilled. A little overdone for my liking or it could be the snapper, either ways it was still devoured by my beloved partner.

Steamed Bamboo Clams with Minced Garlic.

Flavoured Tang hoon (crystal noodles) embedded beneath some ultra tender clam flesh and a generous dollop of chopped garlics on top. My pick of the day.

Steamed Lobster with soya milk and Egg white.

If you like your seafoods fried, be aware that the choice may result in a platter of stale grubs. Opt for steam or grilled and be sure to attain a fresh catch every time.

The adventurous duo went for steamed lobster in soya milk without much thoughts. The expectations of a wonderment fell short however, the crustacean was definitely alive and kicking before going onto our plates.

TOOLS for Crabs consumption.


Braised Claypot Crab with Pumpkin Superior Soup.

My next favourite to the clams is this pot. A substantial mud crab drowning in a pool of delightful pumpkin based broth. The secret concoction was addictive with most digging in with their spoons and neglecting the main star of the evening. 20121211-144128.jpg

Black Pepper Crab

A signature option for crabs in Singapore and I think this one at Boxing Crab was spicy and rather decent.


Catalan Cream with Caramelised sugar ($8.90)

The Spanish version of THE Creme Brulee (French). The crack of the topmost layer never fails to impress me even before I burrow my way down into the dessert and yes, Boxing Crab’s was perfect.

Luscious and satisfying, the custard base and caramelised sugar topping left me happy at the end of the tasting.


Tropic Pineapple Sorbet ($11.90)

Hardly a fan with the fruit, I merely took a couple spoonfuls of the sorbet. The deliberate use of the husks of pineapples was brilliant as this idea originated from Thai Pineapple rice and finally it has been outdone.

The frozen juice was sugary yet slightly tangy, an excellent palate cleanser.

20121214-101805.jpgAre you fretting on the location in Sentosa? Here’s a detailed map which I stole from Boxing Crab’s Facebook page.

*This is an invitation initiated by Boxing Crab and I thank my buddy, melissa for bringing me along.*

Address : 80 Siloso Road, S098969

Tel : 62747760