Laksania @ East Coast Road (Halal)

Posted on February 1, 2013


Do you ever feel the need to devour local delights when you return from a foreign land? Apart from the tension relief when the plane touched down on home grounds, our cuisine tend to deliver the exact soothing effect.

Thirsty for a bowl of Singaporean Laksa, Penang Laksa, Sarawak Laksa? You can get everything under one roof.

Situated along East Coast Road, a near spitting distance away from the notable Katong Laksa is a tenderhearted enterprise, Laksania which specialises in nothing else but…?


Laksa Seafood Spaghetti, $8.50.

I am going to do away with the familiar courses and focus on queer entrees.

This portion of al dente pasta was doused in a generous serving of the luscious spicy condiment and ingredients like shrimps and… cockles? Fairly interesting and probably worth a try if you are looking for a unique change.

Laksa Goreng, $7.50.

Ever thought how fried laksa would taste like? We were given the opportunity to try that evening but it did not win me over. It could have been the heavy Laksa gravy we had before, which managed to overcome the less substantial counterpart.

I shall keep the verdict on this dish neutral, so you try and let me know alright?

Chicken Satay 3 sticks, $3.80.

Priced at more than double the usual hawker satays, these got to be good or else. Thankfully, they were. Good enough on their own, a Laksa dip was given just for a little extra punch.

Blue Mussels, $4.00/100grams.


Chicken Laksa Baked Rice, $8.50.

Spice infused fried rice topped with a good helping of cheese before introducing into an oven. It lacked the cheesy pull when scooped probably because we left it standing for quite awhile as we were photographing the rest of the fares. I would prefer a slightly more flavorful carbohydrates base, though so Laksania deserves a thumb up for creativity on the creations.

Fish Burger, $8.50.

Burger in Laksa sauce, quaint.

Ice Kacang.

The party of three had a heap of identical dishes and I practically had a nightmare of the once adored fare that night. Then again, the grubs were decent. I was just grossed out by the cluster of renditions we had, all at the same time.

It was a relief when we were served this. The seemingly common hawker dessert plated in a peculiar manner. I totally dig this idea of a DIY Ice Kacang platter to be shared among families or friends.


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Address : 382 East Coast Road Singapore 428987

Tel:+65 6346 2026