Prosperity CNY Feast @ Plaza Brasserie

Posted on February 7, 2013


Being a single and mid-twenties is a bore during Chinese New Year.

The festive season was supposed to be all about collecting Ang Baos and getting the opportunity to stock up on clothes for the year.

But as age starts to catch up, most relatives would ask the ultimate questions, “Do you have a boyfriend?” or “When are you getting married?”. It is getting irritating and irksome. Should I grab a random friend to become my partner this year? 20130204-164852.jpgI did not manage to get hold of a mate when I visited Plaza Brasserie of Park Royal Beach Road again for their CNY buffet promotion. I was with a party of food bloggers that evening and thus far from an annoying crowd.

Food is our passion and the only intention of the dinner. Thank god.

Fruity Yu Sheng

20130204-164837.jpgShower over with unlimited raw salmon slices from the sashimi counter, it is a buffet after all.

The assembly was put together by Chef Jackson who personally constructed it with a myriad of stripped fresh tropical fruits like peaches, mandarin oranges, rose apples (Jambu), melons, green mango, papaya and some dried persimmons and his specially concocted fruit sauce.

The original rendition of Yu Sheng is also available as choice for the less adventurous.
20130206-011613.jpgAfter reciting a string of New Year greetings as usual, the clique went ahead with the Lo Hei and haphazardly tossed the salad around like nobody’s business. As you can see, a frenzy in progress.

Mini Pen Cai or Big Bowl Feast

20130206-014507.jpgThe true helping is a scale-down of these photographed at the tasting.

The pot was stuffed with a heap of ingredients ranging from the lavish sea cucumbers, abalones, fish maw to the economical roast duck, chicken, seafood and vegetables, all braised in a tasty broth.


Ala Minute Steamed Red Garoupa.


Only at Plaza Brasserie would you be able to request a completely intact fish to yourself. With the garoupas that fresh, you would have no problems gorging a couple to make your money’s worth.

Fried rice in lotus leaves.

This was notably raved and I knew exactly why after having a mouthful. The rice was perfumed with hints from the lotus leaves and preserved meat. Well-done indeed.

Chilli Crabs.


Chocolate Cake!


Durian Nian Gao with Bak Kua

Exotic combination that is not for the faint-hearted. I adore durian and Bak Kua on their own but this queer creation caused a lift on one eyebrow. I was dubious about the merger, it was indeed interesting and that is all I have to say.

On 9 February 2013, Park Royal has arranged a series of performances like the lion dance, tea appreciation by the Si Chuan Dou Hua tea master and there will also be a special appearance of the God of Fortune to celebrate Lunar New Year with the guests.

Pre/Post CNY (28th Jan to 24th Feb) :
Lunch S$45.00 (Adult); S$27.00 (Child)
Dinner S$58.00 (Adult); S$35.00 (Child)

CNY EVE (9th Feb) :
Lunch S$45.00 (Adult); S$27.00 (Child)
Dinner S$78.00 (Adult); S$47.00 (Child)

1st & 2nd Days of CNY (10th & 11th Feb) :
Lunch S$62.00 (Adult); S$37.00 (Child)
Dinner S$62.00 (Adult); S$37.00 (Child)

Reunion Steam Boat Buffet at Banquet (min 8 persons per table)
09 Feb 2013: S$58.00 (Adult); S$35.00 (Child)

*Child below 4 years old dines for free
*Prices are subject to service charge and government taxes

For enquiries and reservations, please call 6505 5710 or email

*This tasting was initiated by Karen from Park Royal beach road, thank you for the awesome hospitality that we received that day.*

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Address : 7500 Beach Road, Singapore 199591

Tel: +65 6505 5666