Vday with Pets @ Sun Ray Cafe

Posted on February 13, 2013


I can’t believe that I’m only a day away from Valentine’s Day and I left this post hanging in mid-air.

Chinese New Year drained me thoroughly with the chaotic spring cleaning, visitings, eating and receiving red packets. I was supposed to keep myself away from writing for just a day or two but I went bonkers with card games and more food.


If you are distressed about leaving your canines or felines at home this VDay, why not bring them along as companions for dinner this year?

Sun Ray cafe is a pet-friendly place for both owners and their furry counterparts and they have three Valentine Day dinners lined up just for you. Ranging from $30+ onwards, each set consists of a salad starter, soup, entree, dessert (tiramisu or chocolate Lava Cake) and complimentary drink (signature mocktail or house wine). There is always something for your little friends.

We were lucky to be hosted in a private room which was set to look like how it would be on the 14th of February and hey pets are allowed in too.


Cappuccino Mushroom Soup.

I am not overexaggerating when I describe the above concoction as follows : flavours bursting in every mouthful. If that’s not enough, a dash of truffle oil is added as extra boost making sure each slurp is satisfying. 20130213-073811.jpg

Honey-Glazed Half Spring Chicken.
$30+ for a four-course set meal.

Carefully grilled honey glazed chicken resting on a side of roasted potatoes.

The choice of the bird is a relatively safe option when it comes to deciding on the mains. As anticipated, it was pleasantly presented in front of us and taste wise obliging.

Crusted Salmon on sweet taro mash.
$35+ for a four-course set meal.

Baked sesame layered salmon over a bed of mash.

The mix of black and white sesame seeds crisped the skin of the oily fish and gave texture to the dish. I would have preferred it less done but nonetheless, the portion went well with the purple root pulp on the side. 20130213-073847.jpg

Australian Seared Steak.
$45+ for a four-course set meal.

Steak marinated in red wine and rosemary, served with Lyonnais potatoes.

The lack of inquiring for doneness of the meat was dispiriting as the slab made it to the table almost well-done. I like my steaks medium rare with a slight bloody scene and it would have been much easier to consume. Apart from that, the dish was tasty but could use a longer marinade span.

Pork Chop with Sweet potato mash.
Ala carte (Not included in the Vday Set Dinners).

20130212-000421.jpgChinese New Year started a couple days back and as it steps into the fourth day of the holiday, it means it is only three days away from Renri (Human Day). On this day, it is a custom to Lou Yu Sheng (toss cantonese raw fish salad) with family, friends or colleagues to symbolise “good luck” for the new year.

At Sun Ray, not only the humans can enjoy some before meal festive tossed salad so can your pets.

Bounding Happiness, $6.80.

Fresh shredded greens with boiled salmon and a dribble of sesame oil.

Rising Joy. (For human consumption.)
Small (2 pax), $10.80.
Large (4 pax), $16.80

Smoked salmon slices on fresh shredded greens topped with croutons and their own concocted sauce.

Plated in a peculiar manner, like French cuisine this unique Yu Sheng stands out more on appearance. Two thumbs up for the effort to modernize the familiar fare.

PROMOTION for ALL AiMakan’s readers.

Quote : ” Happiness will keep us Alive” to Sun Ray’s staffs and receive a $10 Return voucher when you visit them. This is an online only exclusive deal for you.

*This is a tasting invitation initiated by Sun Ray cafe and PR Kenneth, thank you for your kind hospitality that day and every minute of the visit was enjoyable.*

Address : 79 Brighton Crescent Singapore 559218

Tel : (65) 62838700

Opening Hours for VDay : 11.00am to 11.00pm