Vegetarian Mediterranean @ Original Sin

Posted on March 17, 2013


Please don’t shun away at the sight of the word ‘Vegetarian‘ if you are a meat lover.

This is the first time AiMakan is introducing a herbivorous fare but any carnivores should give this humble joint a shot, I hope it could win you over.20130315-222459.jpgOriginal Sin was launched by Michael Hadley two years after his first restaurant, Michelangelo’s was constituted in 1995. For the past decade and a half, the extraordinary eatery was led by Marisa Bertocchi; Culinary Director whom is a resolute vegetarian and chef alike.

Advance into its chic premises and be dazzled by a typical fine dining experience that does not shout ‘Vegetarian’.

Magic Mushroom – one serving, $18.

Mushrooms and cheeses always score perfect marriages. Every jumbo portobello mushroom is baked with two types of cheeses; Ricotta and Mozzarella along with a ton of fancy ingredients like pesto and a tomato basil sauce.

If only I could eliminate the fact that I might be able to recreate this steeply priced dish at home, I would dig it even more.

Bosco misto, $26

One of the best entrées of the evening.
20130315-223535.jpgI was taken aback by the fact that those golden patties were made of Tofu and feta cheese. Are you?

Crusted with crumbled almonds and sesame seeds, fried then plated with a button mushroom plum gravy. You bet it tasted just as good as it looked and sounded.

Moussaka, $26

A gratifying substitute for Lasagne without the pasta layers. Instead of the carbo ply and cheese, the chef used grilled eggplant slices and a white sauce in the recipe. Great for someone on a diet like me.

I was a happy girl.

Canelloni, $26

Rolled sheets of pasta filled with spinach and ricotta, backed with a Rose basil sauce, parmesan and mozzarella.

I love how this photo came out to be but that was all.

Hazelnut Chocolate Cake, $12.

If you happen to know AiMakan’s true name, you would have known why I ordered this dessert. (hint : hazelnut)

This luscious rich treat could satisfy every sweet tooth any time.

Marble Cheese cake with ice cream, $12.

I like my cheese cakes heavy with a creamy top and a buttery base. Original Sin’s could do a better bottom to go with the approved body by me.

Somehow or other, I think the ice cream might go better with the former (chocolate cake). Just my two cents worth.

I would agree that these fares we had were indeed sumptuous but it would be even better if I could enjoy the meal without worrying about the exorbitant tab.

*this invitation is initiated by Original Sin and PR Er Han, thank you for the dinner and company that evening.*


Address : 43 #01-62 Jalan Merah Saga Holland Village
Chip Bee Gardens
Singapore 278115

Tel : +65 6475 5605

Operation Hours

Lunch: MON to SUN
11.30am – 2.30pm

Dinner: MON to SUN
6.00pm – 10.30pm