Easter 2013 @ Cedele

Posted on March 18, 2013


Easter Day falls on 31st of March this year and Cedele has taken the opportunity to promote a handful of goodies for the holiday.20130318-011742.jpgI can imagine your anxiety before revealing whatever was within. Drum rolls…



Easter Cake of the Month: Chocolate Spring Cake.

I see chocolates everywhere but what exactly does the spring mean? Raspberries of course. This delightful confection is enhanced with blended red berries and thus emitted a refreshing tartness with every bite. It required a little getting used to though.

Hot Cross Buns, Hot Cross Buns, One a Penny, Two a Penny, Hot Cross Buns!

Four outstanding buns are here to warm your hearts with their individual distinctive flavours. With three sweet and one savoury pieces, you are definitely to be spoilt for choice. I was not lucky enough to try the Almond Cinnamon and Cheese Onion Mustard which were sold out that day. What a waste.

The unavailable samples sounded and would definitely have tasted much better than the two I was left with.

If you prefer something filling with your hot cross bun, why not give this set meal a try? Stuffed with a choice of bacon or ham and cheese, it makes a nice tea time breather during a hectic work day.


Yes, I DO !

Dash down to your nearest Cedele outlet and take a break with a cake.

*this tasting was initiated by Cedele, thank you for the treats.*

The anti-oxidant rich treat and hot cross buns are now available in all Cedele outlets till 1st of April. Try yours today.