Special Spring Selections @ Tampopo

Posted on March 30, 2013


Exclaim that you cannot imagine how it is possible that poor AiMakan has never been to Japan. Do fuss in disbelief and urge me to go!

Despite that, I am contented with the options my country offers. Well, for the time being at least.
20130329-234015.jpgTampopo should not be foreign to most Japanese cuisine lovers. This established label has built a fine reputation for their ramens and now has two outlets including this particular flagship store in Liang Court and a deli.


Hokkaido Tonkotsu Miso Ramen, $15.80++

From 20th March to 14th April 2013, the brand is running a Spring promotion featuring Hokkaido delicacies and the infamous Kurobuta (black pig).

I am about to introduce a ramen that incorporates both aspects and more importantly, is one of the elite recommendations.

20130329-234139.jpgIf you are anticipating a light miso broth, you might be disappointed. I liked how the soup was deliberately made heavy and tasty though it did get quite briny (salty) even from the start.

The owner of Tampopo is a native Japanese who wishes to bring in authentic Hokkaido flavours to us which explains the noodles used. I can’t express my adoration for the fried pork on the side, you just have to try it yourself.


Black Pig layered Katsu Don, $23.80++

If you are dubious about what a layered Katsu is, fret not as you would recognise it after your first bite. The portion was soft and crisp, be amazed.

Fine sheets of pork piled over one another to form a substantial block, battered and sizzled. One of its kind, a definite keeper.


Black Pig Kabayaki Don, $20.80++

Let me talk a little on Kabayaki before we focus on the dish itself. Kabayaki is a cooking method normally used on unagi (eel) where it is soaked into a soya-based sauce before hitting the grill.

Here at Tampopo, the recipe is extended by using slim sliced black pork. They could have gone easy with the dip and maybe placed the overwhelming pickled gingers in a side saucer.


Stone Grilled Beef Cheese Curry Rice, $17.80++

Here is a good example of food that looks good but taste otherwise. The curry was given in abundance, way too much. Thank you for the generosity, do allocate in moderation.


Etanbetsu Soba, $11.80++

I am a big fan of soba. Etanbetsu soba is made of 100% buckwheat and originates from the central region of Hokkaido.

The supple texture of the chilled noodles were inviting, a healthy and satiating fare.


Super Deluxe Box, $24.30++

A little of everything. A neat preference for an indecisive consumer.


Mini Chirashi Don, part of Bento box

A standard miniature portioned Chirashi with pleasant sashimi slices.

Aloe Vera Orange Jelly, $6.80++

A light citrus infused jello jammed in an empty orange container. I assumed this dessert was made with real juice as I could taste hints of bitterness.

Scoop Cake, $6.50++

One of the highly raved confections by Tampopo. As the name suggest, every imperfectly allotted helping was dug from a complete body.

The delicate sponge and gentle cream made this a great finale for the evening. highlight of the day.

*This is a tasting invitation by PR Er Han and Tampopo. Thank you for the charming dinner and warm hospitality.*

Address: 177 River Valley Road
#01-23/24 Liang Court

Tel: 63383186

Operating Hours
Daily: 11:30 – 22:00