Torte @ SCWO

Posted on April 5, 2013


I was on a road trip in New Zealand a month ago and was exhilarated by the easily available fresh foodstuffs. Every home-cooked meal was simple yet flavoursome, thanks to the daily catches and harvests.

I was certain that I wouldn’t be able to recreate anything like it at home, let alone anticipate feasting in any restaurant in Singapore. Could you imagine how elated I was to know that I was wrong? It felt surreal.20130331-070155.jpgHere it is, my beloved Torte.

Hidden in a corner of the Singapore Council of Women Organisation is this modest establishment that I wish I could keep mum about. It is however, an honour to be invited over for a tasting thanks to executive chef Jason and my makan buddy Melissa.

Pan seared Portobello with Mozzarella, $15

Drop your jaw at the sight of the jumbo mushroom!

Chef Jason is exceptionally hardheaded when it comes to the ingredients used for his fares. When he is unable to receive portobellos the size of my ‘head’, he would rather not work with any. Talk about being stubborn in a good way.

The fungi arrived juicy and overflowing with cheese. It should be easy to imagine simply how tasty it was. Mushrooms and mozzarella never goes wrong but it does depend on the person cooking it.


Goma Salmon Belly, $18

Jason utilises the excellent Wild Norwegian catches to present this dish. Frankly-speaking, I did not have high hopes as it’s only salmon anyways but boy did it blew me away.

I have always enjoyed salmon belly in their best state; raw but this sesame sauce condimented fish belly was delicate and oily, a joy to have.


Orange Butter prawns, $20

I wondered if Chef Jason possesses a magnifying potion. It is impressive to be able to obtain humongous ingredients like these wild prawns. I did not quite taste the orange butter as I was too engrossed with the hefty meat on the crustacean’s body.

Duck Confit, $20

I love skins of meats done crisp and you bet I got my craves satisfied that evening. The duck leg was marinated with berries (I shall not reveal Chef’s trade secrets) and it acquired a distinct aroma that was captivating.

The flesh was extremely yielding as it teared easily with a fork, paired with sauerkraut it would definitely be worth every buck paid. Oh and did I mention about the baby potatoes that were tossed with duck fats as sides?


Apple Crumble *special order*, $45/kg

I was told that this dessert needs a minimum of a fortnight of pre-booking, we must be ultra lucky to have sunk our teeth into every mouthful.

I would prefer a much buttery batch of crumbles but the spiced apples within the casserole were lovely enough to mask that self-proclaimed ‘flaw’. Nonetheless, thank you for baking it especially for us!


Dark Chocolate coated Giant Strawberries, $4/pc

Huge red juicy berries half covered with smooth bitter chocolate, do I need to say more?

At torte, do not be startled at the frequent variations of their menu from time to time. Chef Jason (aka Pai Kia or mobster chef but actually he is real friendly lar..) is particular about alternating his daily specials with his new creations and has forsaken a mundane spread. You know you would be in awe at every single visit.

P/S: The fares featured today may not be available on days when you drop in. Everyone loves surprises, don’t we? I know I do!

This tasting was initiated by Chef Jason of Torte and my buddy, Melissa, thank you both for a wonderful evening.

Address: SCWO Building
96 Waterloo Street
Singapore 187967

Tel: (+65) 6571 0197

Operating hours:

Mon – Tue: 10am to 6pm
Wed to Fri: 10am to 10pm
Sun: 10am to 3pm

Lunch is served between noon to 2pm
Dinner is served between 6.30pm to 8.30pm